PHARMA Industry

RPA in the Pharma Industry

We all know that the pharmaceutical industry needs to aim for a zero-tolerance methodology regarding mistakes or failure. Pharma organizations looking to streamline processes, speed up development, and improve customer services should always consider Robotic Process Automation.

Robotic Process Automation in pharma can handle repetitive processes 24x7 to free up researchers and process owners. Humans and Buddies can work together to achieve better patient outcomes through enhanced productivity and improved quality while maintaining cost.

IntelliBuddies® Robotic process automation platform enables Pharmaceutical Industries to automate repetitive tasks.

RPA in the pharma industry can reduce time, cost, and human errors while increasing performance, efficiency, and throughput. Further, it can work with existing infrastructure, seamlessly bring data from legacy systems, and provide you with better analytics. 

Robotic process automation in pharma is an ideal solution for tackling multiple routine administrative tasks that do not rely on human judgment. The total number of these processes is astonishingly large in biopharma, given the numerous clinical and sales call reporting procedures. 

RPA will enhance efficiency, reduce operational costs and enable collaboration across the entire biopharma value chain. Simultaneously, automation of menial tasks will free employees to focus on activities that drive value, including improving customer engagement. Thus, robotic process automation in the pharmaceutical industry transforms the efficiency equation and directly enhances the customer experience.

Embracing RPA in the pharmaceutical industry is even more critical in today’s era of rapid change. Biopharma is under constant pressure to improve their R&D investments’ success rates or reduce the cost of failure while addressing increasing regulatory demands. Meanwhile, the digital economy is altering the expectations of providers and patients alike. Companies need to form new relationships with integrated health care systems, including provider networks, key opinion leaders, and hospital management teams. Only lean and agile organizations will thrive in this era of rapid disruption. 

Robotic Process Automation as technology usually costs one-third of an offshore employee and one-fifth of an onshore employee.

IntelliBuddies® can help in building Intelligent Robotic Process Automation can help in Pharma industry, which in turn help them improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their employees. 

Our Buddies can help you automate the Pharmaceutical industry’s following processes:

  • Reporting & Compliance –Operational Quality Assurance
  • Processing Pharma Vigilance (PV) cases
  • Managing trial master process
  • Supporting regulatory submission process
  • Providing real time tailored knowledge to customers
  • Acting as a virtual medical companion to patients
  • Retrieving accurate and timely sales data anytime
  • Recording sales activities and processes
  • Automate managing global contracting system
  • Vendor creation process in SAP
  • To meet compliance requirements in eTMF (electronic Trial Master File) using bots

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