IntelliBuddies® and Accounting

Accounting and RPA

Accounting practices involve scores of transactional processes that are mundane, repetitive, time-sensitive in nature. To add to this, most of these processes are data-centric and a slight clerical error can result into substantial amount of losses. In fact, Accounting is one of the most suitable candidates for automation using RPA. Some of the key processes that are best fit for automation in Accounting includes Accounts Receivable Process, Accounts Payable Process, Invoice Processing, Client Onboarding, Reconciliation.

IntelliBuddies® in Action

IntelliBuddies® is a full stack RPA that provides an easy and efficient way to automate Accounting processes and ensures processing of high volume of data. Following are the key benefits of using IntelliBuddies® in Accounting automation:

  • Integrates well with legacy accounting packages – Buddies connect and communicate with existing accounting packages and carry out supported activities.
  • Process Customization – Powerful built-in Process Designer in IntelliBuddies® allows business users to design and customize business processes with minimal training. A-Store contains rich set of out-of-the-box activities, which can be customized as per need.
  • No Clerical Errors – Buddies guarantee on the accuracy of data while performing repetitive, time-sensitive tasks. Thus, possible clerical errors and oversights are ruled out.
  • 24/7 Performance – Buddies work relentlessly round the clock to maximize productivity and also immediate ROI.
  • Ease of use – IntelliBuddies® can be installed, and it hardly takes any time to get started with automation of Accounting processes.

Integrating IntelliBuddies® with Accounting packages will not only improve the overall performance of accounting related activities but also save substantial losses due to elimination clerical errors. This lets human resources concentrate on high value work where true attention is required.

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