Robotic Process Automation @ Automobile Sector

Automobile industry is no stranger to automation. The automobile industry is in fact pioneer in automation especially with their assembly lines. They deploy physical robots which handle everything from welding to painting, making them indispensable. These automations have helped automobile industry at the manufacturing sites. The automobile industry does have laborious processes on top of manufacturing such as Shipping, Dealership Management, and Inventory, which could benefit a lot with RPA. The software robots can provide greater improvements in several areas of automobile industry which otherwise would be considered as operationally burdensome. It can manage inventory effectively. It can digitize paper-based documents, extract useful information, validate and store them in structured format. It can manage data, initiate communication and help customers by providing deeper analysis reports.


IntelliBuddies® is an AI infused Robotic Process Automation, which comes bundled with all the essential tools and technologies for automation of your front and back office operations. IntelliBuddies® comes with large set of very useful activity libraries with builtin intelligent automation framework along with AI and machine learning capabilities. The platform also provides Process Designer tool to orchestrate the flow of work across human, buddy, and systems to enable enterprises to define end-to-end automation. Further, the platform provides Control Room Portal for enterprises to manage their buddies in terms of their security, scheduling, orchestrating, reporting, and auditing. Overall, IntelliBuddies® would help enterprises in automating both rule-based and knowledge-based tasks and thereby reducing cost, improving response time, facilitating business growth, and at the same time achieving compliance.

Use Cases

Shipment Processes

Automobile industry is a global enterprise. They ship commodities from the manufacturing sites to countries across the world. The shipment process is very laborious as it involves abundant paper work both at the shipping as well as at the receiving side. It is labor intensive and time-consuming as the content needs extensive validations. Further, the data needs to be structured and stored for future references. By implementing RPA using IntelliBuddies®, the automobile manufacturer will enhance business values by reducing human efforts on monotonous and repetitive processes. IntelliBuddies® would also help the manufacturers assign and optimize the workforce to focus on tasks which are core and customer centric.

Dealership Management Processes

In most of the countries, the laws restrict direct sales by an automaker to consumer. There are laws that require new vehicles to be sold only by licensed, bonded and independently owned dealerships. Hence, dealership management becomes important for automobile manufacturer to constantly improve customer satisfaction ratings. In other words, dealers shall work like sales subsidiary of automobile manufacturers. There are several processes as part of dealership management which provide data for automobile manufacturer to improve their efficiency and customer satisfaction. IntelliBuddies® will help automobile manufacturers to import such data from dealer systems into manufacturers’ system seamlessly. Typical data includes Vehicle Sales, Parts or Accessory Sales, Warranty Claims, Service Records, and Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Inventory Processes

Automobile industry, like any other industry, encounters hurdles such as to effectively manage inventory of the automobile parts. A constant monitoring of inventory levels and efficient communication with vendors is very important for an automobile manufacturer to ensure high productivity, efficiency and accuracy. IntelliBuddies® can help automobile industry in automating their supply chain processes to make them lean and efficient. Further, the inclusion of intelligent buddies with machine learning and cognitive capabilities can predict outcomes and support complex decision making. Some use cases with significant ROI includes, Bidding & Quoting on B2B portals, Order Processing and Tracking, Vendor Registration, Automatic Filling of Forms wherever necessary.

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