RPA in Healthcare

Healthcare is a premium industry that requires utmost consideration for the relevant stakeholders which includes patients, healthcare workers, hospitals and insurance companies. Healthcare industry is one of the largest sector comprising of the services linked to protecting and enhancing patient care, diagnostic trials, health insurance, medical supplies and equipment.

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RPA in Healthcare

Healthcare providers have to manage and process information, which is distributed across the internal and external systems. This includes clinical reports, lab information systems, health insurance, radiographic examinations, scheduling applications, and HR applications. Managing all these activities is laborious, time consuming and demanding.

Robotic Process Automation in Healthcare can automate the work by understanding the existing processes. It can intelligently handle repetitive manual tasks and create a virtual workforce, thereby providing better experience for stakeholders. Robotic Process Automation in Healthcare is an advanced technology, which helps automate mundane tasks through improved efficiency, lower costs, and minimal errors.

Digital Healthcare: RPA and Patient-centric Healthcare system

RPA is one of the fast-growing segments in the global enterprise market. Healthcare industry at present is facing multiple challenges and highly inefficient. There are numerous laborious processes requiring substantial redundant and repetitive efforts, starting from appointment scheduling to claims management. This, in turn, is leading to high cost of operations with lower productivity.

Leveraging Robotic Process Automation in Healthcare Industry can address the above issues and improve the quality and efficiency. Further, it can provide better customer satisfaction by improving productivity and at the same time reducing the cost. In a nutshell, Robotic Process Automation in Healthcare ensures high-quality care to patients and a great value-add to all stakeholders.

Improving Efficiencies with RPA

Repetitive tasks ranging from setting up appointments to patient registration, Employee HR services to clinical trial management, RPA platform supports the healthcare industry in providing more efficient, higher-quality care to patients worldwide.

Enhancing Patient Experience

With the involvement of RPA in healthcare, patients can schedule their appointments without any intervention from hospital employees, reduce waiting times and provide constant updates about treatment plans to the patients.

Improving Data Quality

RPA in healthcare industry experts in managing highly sensitive patient data. It aggregates patients' records in order to provide a unified view, optimizes records management to avoid information gaps and helps quicker decision-making regarding patient care

Digitizing Human Resources

RPA in healthcare structures and simplifies in-house personnel management, streamlines recruitment processes for just-in-time hiring and faster processing, optimizes credential management for clinicians and improves onboarding and ongoing employee experiences

IntelliBuddies®: Reinventing and Reshaping your Healthcare functions

Find out how IntelliBuddies® can help reshape your Organization's Healthcare functions and gain on cost, efficiency, quality, compliance, and scale up quickly!


Case Mgmt. &
Patient Engagement

With RPA, the case study and patient engagement can be managed more efficiently



Facilitate claims processing and automatically identify policy premium discrepancies


GDPR Compliance

RPA in healthcare helps protect patient privacy and achieve compliance with HIPAA and GDPR


EMR Data Update

RPA can overcome lack of integration and support for multiple EMR (Electronic Medical Records) systems


Medical Examination
Records Sign Off

Get the medical examination reports faster and error-free with automation


Patient Self-Service &

Patients can register digitally, thus reducing check-in times and freeing up resources


  • Reduced processing time - With RPA, requests are processed faster and efficiently. Automating integration with other systems reduces data iterations across
  • Onboarding of new clinics - Accelerates company's ability to bring in new clinics online & deliver accurate, timely customer communication
  • Reduce upfront costs -  Reduces overall cost thereby allowing more resources to focus on important services
  • Customer satisfaction - Improves customer satisfaction by providing better personal experience

Robotic Process Automation is a technology that creates intelligent bots to automate repetitive manual tasks of the Healthcare industry.

RPA in Healthcare can virtually automate the stream of information from multiple EHRs, finance systems, payer portal systems, partner ecosystems and accounting systems to reduce costs, limit the chance of errors, and improve operational efficiency.

Robotic Process Automation in Healthcare enables organizations in Physician credentialing, Enrolment and patient eligibility, Patient scheduling, Claims administration, Clinical documentation, Medicare billing and compliance, Secondary claims management, Accounts receivable and denial recovery, Patient self-pay administration.

  • To overcome the difficulties in integrating data from clinical applications, lab information systems, third-party portals, insurance portals, radiology information systems, scheduling applications, ERPs, and HR applications.
  • To liberate the employees from repetitive tasks to focus more on the patient's satisfaction.
  • To eliminate the exhaust on the budget and HR, infusing speed, proficiency and grade into your Healthcare industry.
  • To automate the eligibility requests to receive information for better communication to providers and patients.
  • To automate the claims requests and examine the reviews of claims to deliver better revenue cycle management.
  • Appointment Scheduling - Trained Buddies are used to schedule patient appointments based on doctor's availability, location, and diagnosis. Once the appointment got placed the buddies will update the database and remove that slot. The patient can fetch the details through e-mail and receive reminders through e-mail and messages.
  • Insurance claims management - RPA buddies will obtain the significant information of insurance claims and make them accessible to employees handling claims registration. Buddies monitor the claims processing faster when compared to manual and avoid delays and improve the efficiency.
  • Discharge procedures - RPA in Healthcare can provide the discharge and post medication guidelines. The programmed buddies will send notifications at the right time to inform the patient about their schedule, appointments, and tests, and patients can contact doctors for further assistance.
  • Audit Procedures - RPA in Healthcare is used to automate and simplify the auditing process. Buddies can help record data and report generation; with that hospital staff can take appropriate measures. Automation can help in detecting the source of non-compliance with the help of the tracking functionality.

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