Robotic Process Automation in Healthcare
The business of health care is not just about being efficient. Healthcare organizations, both payers and providers, are focused on improving health with fewer costs and providing better access to care for patients. The amount of data and information collected and processed by Healthcare industries daily is humongous. It includes data from internal and external sources such as clinical applications, laboratories, third-party websites, Insurance portals, and other HR and Finance applications. This is where Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in the healthcare industry can play a significant role.

With Robotic Process Automation, evidence-based care has never been so much easier. It Creates a highly secure, scalable, and reliable Digital Workforce to access, process, and retrieve data to make better decisions for your patients. As patient numbers grow, healthcare providers are getting challenged with managing the levels of inventories, supporting the digitization of patient files, optimizing appointment scheduling, and executing billing and claims processing. To deal with these operational pain points, more and more healthcare providers accepting RPA to alleviate these challenges and drive enhanced efficiency and growth.

IntelliBuddies® intelligent RPA platform enables the Healthcare industry to automate repetitive tasks and thereby reducing time, cost, and human errors while increasing performance, efficiency, and throughput. Further, it can work with existing infrastructure, seamlessly bring data from legacy systems and provide you with better analytics.
IntelliBuddies® Intelligent RPA platform augments your Healthcare personnel to help improve efficiency and effectiveness. Our Buddies can help you automate the following processes under Healthcare:

  • Enrollment – Pre-registration form processing
  • Inventory Management – Automated critical inventory transactional processes
  • Document Verification – Automated complex document verification process
  • Medical Records Management – Automated medical examination records sign off process
  • Appointment – Manage and Schedule appointments for patients with Physicians
  • Documentation – Automate clinical documentation and discharge summary
  • Account Settlement – Automate bill preparation and send notifications
  • Claims Administration – Automate data preparation, processing, evaluation, and dealing with appeals.
  • Audit – Initiate and review surveys to check the efficiency of patient services or to check the quality of safety procedures followed by staff

IntelliBuddies® can overcome the challenges by integrating with disparate systems to extract data and by relieving Healthcare personnel from repetitive tasks so they can apply their skills to the tasks where the human touch is essential. Overall, IntelliBuddies® can help analyze, build, and deploy efficient RPA solutions in the Healthcare industry and provide the following benefits:

  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Customer Satisfaction by bringing in Personalized User Experience
  • Reduced Operation Risks
  • Increased efficiency and correctness

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