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Automate your Invoice Processing!

Invoice Data Extraction will play a vital role in all organizations. Typically invoice consists of all information concerning the purchase of a product(s) with a listing of items purchased, date of purchase made, amount to be paid, the due date of the invoice amount to be settled, price of the product, tax on the product purchased and not to forget invoice number. The most crucial benefit of an invoice is keeping it as a legal record of the sale. This makes it possible to determine when good was sold, who bought it, and who sold it. Recording and maintaining all sale invoices helps the company report its income and ensure that it has paid the proper taxes.

Analyzing invoices can help businesses gather information from their customers' buying patterns and identify trends, popular products, peak buying times, etc. This helps to develop effective marketing strategies.

IntelliBuddies powerful AI & ML infused platform has helped many to make their RPA journey quick and delightful. Many who want to see how these benefits can be materialized think twice about proceeding due to perceived relatively large setups and initial investment. This results in the status quo about how to go about RPA driven digital transformations in organizations.

At IntelliBuddies, we understand that manual invoice data extraction and traditional OCR-based solutions are slower, expensive, and error-prone. A small error can lead to substantial operational risk, increasing cost and decreasing efficiency. The laborious nature of this task leads to the wastage of actual talent.

IntelliInvoice - Invoice automation


IntelliInvoice, powered by IntelliBuddies®, is an AI-based invoice data extractor model that makes invoice data extraction possible without human interaction. Its unique computer vision technology reads invoices in a way that ensures quicker data extraction with more accurate results.

IntelliInvoice AI solution utilizes a supervised learning model built on a rich invoice collection that can identify data across various invoice formats with high accuracy of around 90%.

Further, IntelliBuddies® provides an easy-to-use activity to interact with IntelliInvoice and thus enabling our Buddies to process the invoices seamlessly. IntelliInvoice and IntelliBuddies can offer you end-to-end automation of your accounts payable processes.


Benefits of IntelliInvoice - The ultimate automated invoice processor!

  • 100% automation of your Accounts Payable processes
  • Reduction in accounting costs
  • Eliminate manual data entry operations
  • Increase your team efficiency and grow your business
  • Provides a customized solution for your organization's specific requirements

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