Future Scope of Artificial Intelligence in Various Industries

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  • 07/20/2021

AI is of one of the fast-growing sectors in the global enterprise landscape. The scope of Artificial Intelligence has expanded in many sectors, such as Healthcare, Automotive, Transport, Banking & Finance, and Security. The scope of AI is pretty significant as the final aim is to create an intelligent automation software program that can tackle different problems and provide goal-oriented solutions efficiently.

RPA platform coupled with AI & ML cognitive technology is here to help you overcome challenges. RPA is built with powerful buddies that are governed by business logic and structured inputs, aimed at automating business processes. The ease of adopting RPA allows an enterprise to focus on immediate benefits.

The goal of creating AI is to create computer programs that can learn, solve problems, and think logically. A typical AI analyses its environment and takes actions that maximize its chance of success. The research goal of Artificial intelligence is to create technology that allows computers and machines to function in an intelligent manner. Scope of Artificial Intelligence.

AI is one of the most popular technologies on the planet, thanks to its versatility and advanced solutions. It has been growing at a fast pace, but what is the future scope of AI? We’ll find answers to this question in this article by taking a look at various sectors that are using (or are planning to use) this technology.

Scopes identified:

  • Science & Research: AI is making lots of progress in the scientific sector. Artificial Intelligence can handle large quantities of data and processes it quicker than human minds. This makes it perfect for research where the sources contain high data volumes.
  • Cyber Security: Cybersecurity is another field that’s benefitting from AI. As organizations are transferring their data to IT networks and cloud, the threat of hackers is becoming more significant.
  • Data Analysis: Data analysis can benefit largely from AI and ML. AI algorithms are capable of improving with iterations, and this way, their accuracy, and precision increase accordingly. AI can help data analysts with handling and processing large datasets.
  • Healthcare: AI can also help in reducing medical costs by preventing diseases beforehand and helping doctors in making better diagnoses. BCIs (Brain-computer Interfaces) is another area where the medical sector is utilizing AI.
  • Transport: The transport sector has been using AI for decades. Airplanes have been using autopilot to steer them in the air since 1912. An autopilot system controls the trajectory of a plane, but it isn’t restricted to aircraft alone. Ships and spacecraft also use autopilot to help them maintain the correct course.
  • Home: AI has found a special place in people’s homes in the form of Smart Home Assistants. Amazon Echo and Google Home are popular smart home devices that let you perform various tasks with just voice commands

Technologies like ML and NLP are all part of the AI landscape. Each one is evolving along its own path and, when applied in combination with data, analytics, and automation, can help businesses achieve their goals, be it improving customer service or optimizing the supply chain.

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Source: upGrad
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