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IntelliBuddies® – CRM Automation


According to IBM, errors and inaccurate information costs US businesses $3 trillion every year1. Automation is essential in CRM, considering handling a vast customer base and the level of complexity involved in each of these sales-related tasks. We all understand and acknowledge that modern business is a highly complex entity. Businesses have to manage the data associated with potentially millions of clients to understand their market and client base. To unlock the power within so much detailed information and so many systems, successful businesses have begun to rely on Automation. However, providing a seamless, automated customer experience has historically been challenging, time-consuming, and code-heavy. This is primarily because Automation requires integration of various systems and needs to provide no/low code configuration for process-specific logic.

IntelliBuddies® Solution

IntelliBuddies® can streamline a plethora of CRM-related processes starting from account creation to sales prediction. Here are some of the high-level functionalities that IntelliBuddies® can provide you out of the box for CRMs such as Salesforce:

  • Automated data entry in CRM. IntelliBuddies® Salesforce specific activities can enable Automation on entities such as Accounts, Billing, Contact, Contracts, Campaigns, Opportunities, Leads, Orders, Pipeline, Quotations
  • Search and extract information faster from Salesforce CRM
  • Generate on-demand reports based on the tickets requested
  • Account and Contact creation by pulling the same from your existing legacy systems
  • Send invoices to customers based on the information existing in Salesforce
  • Seamlessly integrate Salesforce with third-party applications based on specific criteria and import necessary information into Salesforce
  • Extract information from emails, unstructured documents, and other information centers and update existing Accounts, Leads, and Opportunities with appropriate notes


Integrating IntelliBuddies® with CRM can provide multiple benefits, including reduced cost, improved productivity and efficiency, lower operational risks, and higher customer satisfaction.

1: By: Thomas C. Redman       September 22, 2016        Source: IBM