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Public Sector
Public Sector

HR Managers

If your team is:
  • Spending lots of time manually carrying out repetitive, mundane, and "high volume / low value” tasks
  • Understaffed, overburdened and overstressed
  • Often missing deadlines
would you rather have them:
  • Work smart and consistently meet targets on time?
  • Focus on core value-added HR activities?
  • Fulfill staffing requirements?
  • Provide better service to employees and help deliver what has been laid out by the strategic management team?
  • Achieve faster and accurate execution of manual processes?
  • Save staff time, cut the cost of the process, and improve employee experience?
  • Accomplish diversity objectives?

Then IntelliBuddies® is for you.


Head of Finance

Is your team spending significant unproductive time in carrying out low-value repetitive fiscal-related tasks? Let us take example of Budget Approval. Does your team:
  • Aggregate budget requests from individual departmental staff manually?
  • Sniff through high volume data and consolidates manually?
  • Categorize budget requests under different heads?
  • Worry about miss-outs and errors that may happen during course of action?
  • Worry about huge investments needed for automation?

Then IntelliBuddies® is for you.


Head of Sales

Are your teams (Deal Closers, Data Experts, Trust Advisors, et. al.) spending significant unproductive time in carrying out low-value repetitive tasks?
Let us take example of
Deal Closer team. Do they have to:
  • Sift through data sources in order to identify qualifying data manually?
  • Update data manually to CRM?
  • Witness discrepancies despite best efforts?
Therefore, are they:
  • Unable to focus on lead generations, close sales?
  • Frustrated with repetitive tasks?

Then IntelliBuddies® is for you.


Lead Managers

Is your Underwriters team:
  • Spending a lot of time manually compiling information from your clients in order to evaluate the risks?
  • Witnessing that the turnaround time is a victim of such manual, high-volume and low-value activities?
  • Inhibiting their ability to acquire and serve larger pool of clients, giving way for competitors to transgress?
Do you want to:
  • achieve faster and accurate execution of such processes?
  • minimize human intervention?
  • save on time and cut costs?
  • increase business and improve client experience?

Then IntelliBuddies® is for you.


Head of IT

Are you worried that different departments in your organization:
  • Spend substantial amount of time on their IT-enabled systems than required?
  • Face budget overruns?
  • Fail to meet organization’s efficiency objectives?
Let’s look at Fleet Controllers. Are they:
  • Manually matching vehicles to be issued?
  • Preparing everyday report for finance?
  • Repetitively checking for replacement and upgrades?
  • Encountering mismatches due to human errors?
  • Causing delays in responses?

Then IntelliBuddies® is for you.

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