RPA Redefined!

Introducing Buddies
as Plugins!

“Enterprises need right balance of process automation in order to drive business strategies. Our IntelliAppZ buddies empower you to create standalone executables which are complete applications by themselves and run independently. They could be bundled with your products too and delivered as a part of your offerings.”

Ravi Krishnamurthy, CEO


IntelliBuddies® is a state-of-the-art AI and ML based RPA platform which helps you focus on your core business, minimize turnaround time, achieve operational efficiency and significantly improve customer satisfaction. As a state-of-the-art AI and ML based disruptive technology, it's a true value for money.


Process Designer, part of powerful & AI Infused IntelliBuddies® platform, is a stepping stone to your automation journey. It comes with rich UI and built-in activities to get you an express start. With 250 plus ready to use built-in activities and many more being added at a mind-boggling pace, A-Store, the marketplace for IntelliBuddies® workflows and processes, presents endless opportunities to extend and monetize efforts of business.   

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Control Room is where it all begins - deployment, execution and monitoring processes and Buddies alike! Modern and web-based UI makes journey to automation a fun-filled experience. What more, you can share the processes, manage your tasks assigned by Buddies, thus creating great collaborative environment..   

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Manage and monitor all your processes, Buddies from one single place. Control jobs with various triggers and target to smart stations. Control Room allows managing users with access to automations by ways of assigning various roles to them controlling what they can access. User can use out-of-the-box available roles or create own custom role per organization requirements. Control Room permits managing license to client tools and configuring automation settings..   

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Key Benefits


create buddies

Process Designer is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) where you can build Buddies. It has been designed keeping simplicity theme so that any business user should be able to define processes with ease. It comes with large set of activities, which could easily be dragged and dropped to form a sequence of tasks and configured at your finger tips


Multi Deployment

IntelliBuddies® comes with multiple types of deployment. If you are an enterprise and do not want to be overloaded with maintenance tasks, we provide you a Control Room where you can register as a tenant and manage your buddies. You can deploy Control Room on-premises, if your organization policies do not permit cloud deployment



Control Room is a web based portal, deployed either on-premises or on-cloud, which is accessible based on the permissions set to the users. It supports multiple authentication systems, based on your needs, enabling high security. The portal provides dashboard with KPIs allowing you to take timely decisions. It also provides verbose audit trails which gives detailed insights into Buddies' performance



Once you have your first buddy created, you can scale your digital workforce very easily by copying and making quick changes or clone existing buddies to create replicas



Buddy runs as a light weight service and consumes very less memory and CPU resources. Our Buddy Activity library framework has been designed and developed using sound design principles



IntelliBuddies® provides built-in Intelligent Automation framework that could be built very easily into any of the applicable activities inorder to make your Buddy learn and perform better. A - Store provides a catalogue of built-in buddies

Key Differentiators

Offers desktop and server based automation

  • Solutions share the same engine for ease of transition and scalability
  • Agile approach (Power of automation to business users)
  • Responsive & knowledgeable Professional Services/Implementation & Support teams

Best time to value

  • Ease of use, including built-in buddy store called 'A - Store'
  • Rapid Deployment
  • Priced to Scale (Subscription Pricing)
  • Democratization/Industrialization of RPA

Robust, powerful & scalable RPA technology

  • Attended (Assistant Buddy) & Unattended RPA (Smart Buddy)
  • Special features, e.g. Smart Recorder, Concurrency (Run multiple processes concurrently)
  • SmartStation (Virtual hosting environment for buddies)
  • Broad RPA technology ecosystem, including access to best-in-class AI
  • Integrated security and role-based access
  • Low-code approach - allowing business users to build & execute automation by themselves

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