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Welcome! We are glad you’ve stopped by to learn more about us and who we are. It’s been quite a ride so we are sure you will not be disappointed! Let's start with what we want achieve. We are the ones who really want to ...

Empower people to do

what they do best at work.

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Our Mission, Our Vision

Our Mission at IntelliBuddies is to continue developing advanced technologies that enables enterprises to “Think Big, Start Smart, Scale Faster.” We improve the lives of human capital in the workforce which in turn fosters rapid growth and health to the corporation. With a variety of our proprietary stacks of technology that enable development and deployment of Digital Automation applications, employees now have the time and space needed for more meaningful tasks, focus on work and provide greater contributions to the enterprise. Delegating tedious and high volume/low value tasks to IntelliBuddies, along with the quick and efficient Ai driven Rapid Digital Automation (RDA) platform working its magic through flawless automation, enterprises scale at record speeds, careers are enhanced, personal and business goals are met if not exceeded and then every life at every level is enriched.

Our vision is the same today as it was decades ago and remains steadfast and true: we will continue to create technologies that enable and empower people to do what they love to do! Because by creating a workplace with digital workflow systems and the tedious delegated, management can harness the best in employee performance, lower attrition/turnover, elevate contributions to the company with higher productivity and revenue goals achieved. Careers flourish, companies scale with speed and efficiency, and everybody is happy, including Buddy.

Our Story

The idea of IntelliBuddies started taking root back in 2018 under the visionary leadership of Ravi Krishnamurthy, CEO and Managing Director of VIT Infotech. The company decided to pivot to product based solutions, thus various teams were formed to explore ideas and make world class technology products using top talent and expertise VIT has garnered along their rich and progressing journeys.

For decades, VIT is designing, implementing, and delivering products in various domains. Then in recent years, an important realization occurred. VIT’s Director of Engineering, Pratap Simha, came across a rapidly emerging technology called Robotics Process Automation (RPA) and its impact on industries world-wide. VIT had worked on Business Process Automation (BPM) solutions for many years. A vision became clearer and the path to follow evolved organically and naturally. The team envisioned the development of powerful, yet user-friendly Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) based RPA platform and so the journey began.

After intense & endless brainstorming sessions and countless days and nights burning the old midnight oil, the proprietary software platform was initially launched in March 2020. The platform was unveiled under the name “AIdynamiks" but since the RPA platform was created with the sole purpose of improving lives through the automation of low value/high volume tasks, we realized that this technology is better represented for what it really is; a friend one can always count on to do the job, do it well and create valuable time to elevate careers, removing the mundane that drags employees and ultimately businesses down. Having technology in the workplace that can accomplish so much benefitting everybody in doing so, is a Buddy. With vast potential of launched AI driven RDA platform, a better name for the new company designed to help people to achieve goals and dreams realized, then IntelliBuddies!

While more and more organizations embark on their digital transformation journey, our goal is to provide them the freedom, flexibility, and solutions that are tailored to their custom requirements.

Our platform provides every enterprise, every business vertical, every department, every boring and repetitive task an opportunity to embark on a corporate digital transformation on a timeline that makes sense for the organization, which clearly makes "IntelliBuddies for Everybody” and once your organization experiences the difference, you’ll never look back.

Why do we exist?

While more and more organizations embark on their digital transformation journey, our mission is to allow them to -

Think Big

Start Smart

Scale Faster

Our Team

Ravi Krishnamurthy

Managing Director & CEO

Ravi has over 3 decades of experience in the software industry. A Bachelor’s and Masters degree holder in Computer Science, Management Degree in Personal Administration, he has been associated with VIT since early 2000. Ravi has provided the leadership at VIT since inception and helped the organization transform from being a pure Offshore Product Development service provider to an entity delivering enterprise solutions and world-class products. Prior to his current stint, he was the CEO of the US operations of a Canadian multinational company. As a value-driven individual, who places professional ethics at the top of relationships, Ravi has built a seasoned team of strong leaders who are raring to take on new age challenges at the group. It is this investment into technology and leadership that has helped VIT incubate IntelliBuddies, which is on its way to accelerate the landscape of digital transformation in the world of technology through its unique RPA outreach. With key differentiators and advanced AI/ML add-on components, Ravi strongly believes that IntelliBuddies is well positioned to be a disruptor and a gamechanger in the RPA world.

Pratap Simha

Senior Director - Engineering

With more than 25 years of industry experience, Pratap N Simha currently works in the capacity of Senior Director - Engineering at VIT. He has been playing an instrumental role and providing technical leadership for IntelliBuddies since its inception in 2019. Pratap started his long-haul automation experience during his initial days working at Texas Instruments. He continued building and using his automation expertise to help many organizations automate their processes. This process automation experience made him a natural choice to lead VIT's AI & ML-based RPA platform - IntelliBuddies. Pratap believes IntelliBuddies has the potential to become the best technology aggregator in the market and is passionate and committed to this cause. Apart from technology leadership, Pratap is also part of the Board of Directors for both VIT and IntelliBuddies.

Vikash Marodia

Director - Solutions & Business Development

Vikash has helped various enterprises realize their digital transformation journey. Vikash brings on to table, rare and unique combination of technical expertise and business development. During more than 15 years of professional career, Vikash has garnered very rich experience of solving organizational problems using various BPM & RPA tools, making them lean and efficient. He has been helping IntelliBuddies to build and develop strategic partnership across the globe. Strong leadership, analytical, and problem-solving skills has helped Vikash to run cross-functional teams across India, US and Australia, delivering value to customers time and again.

Richard Klemmer

Senior Sales Director, IntelliBuddies North America

Richard is an esteemed industry expert with a proven track record, amassing over 25+ years of invaluable experience in the realm of technology sales. His expertise lies primarily in automated solutions and cutting-edge technologies, ranging from enterprise search AI and ML landscapes to blockchain and cybersecurity. Richard boasts extensive proficiency in multi-channel sales management, encompassing Direct, OEM, and Channel Sales, with a particular focus on SaaS companies. His passion lies in spearheading the establishment of sales and operations infrastructures in strategic markets, especially for early-stage companies. Richard has been instrumental in facilitating the successful launch of new products across diverse market segments, catering to Fortune 1000, SMB, Government (Fed, State, and Local), System Integrators, Education, and Non-profit organisations. Throughout his career, he has held significant positions such as Senior Sales Executive of Worldwide Sales, Marketing, and Strategic Partnerships for esteemed companies like SunRun, Coveo, Exalead, AppCentral, and Authenticiti. Beyond his remarkable professional achievements, knowing Richard personally reveals his unique blend of professional polish and a humble sense of humour. As a gifted communicator, he possesses an innate understanding of people and excels at motivating his teams to deliver their best performance.

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