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Automation of Dealer FBT Reimbursement process using IntelliBuddies®

Business Problem

The Finance team of the leading Automobile industry in Australia had the following challenges while processing reimbursement of Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) from their dealers:

  • Collecting multiple taxation document sets from numerous dealers and verifying the same for its authenticity was laborious, repetitive, and prone to human errors
  • Drag and drop of controls,
  • The high cost of operations

Business Objectives

Implement a seamless solution with minimum impact to the existing processes with the following objectives:

  • Reduce the burden on employees to learn new tools and technologies
  • Reduce operational cost by decreasing resources needed for manual processes
  • Improve staff productivity by reducing monotonous tasks
  • Provide faster reports to management with the facility to quickly access past reports

Process Designer powered by IntelliBuddies®, alleviates technology related worries of business leaders and helps them rather focus on processes to automate. Further, availability of predefined workflows through A – Store helps organizations to quickly realize ROI by automating their important processes.


IntelliBuddies® has been used to automate the FBT reimbursement processes in order to achieve the set objectives. IntelliBuddies® have been deployed to perform the following activities:

  • Send emails to dealers, across the regions, on the scheduled date requesting to respond back with the needed document sets in order to process FBT claims.
  • Receive document sets from dealers, verify document authenticityand finally validate the claim details.
  • Ensure that the claim amount does not include GST to avoid double taxation.
  • Extract claim data and push into the existing dealer system.
  • Routing all the exceptions occurred during data extraction to human agents and allow them to clean up the data where necessary and integrating with their existing dealer infrastructure for seamless operations.

Competitive analysis

  • IntelliBuddies® non-invasive approach by seamlessly working with an existing dealer system reduced the need to change the existing infrastructure.
  • IntelliBuddies® solution did provide a nonstop performance by handling the dealers claim 24 x 7 and providing them an immediate response.
  • IntelliBuddies® solution also provided outstanding OCR capabilities which included best in class fuzzy logic - a key differentiator in comparison.
  • IntelliBuddies® solution, in addition to being able to solve the current problem in hand, has also provided a customizable flow and thereby allowing flexibility in terms of change to processes in the future.
  • IntelliBuddies® client API provided smooth and easy integration with existing Infrastructure.


Successful completion of FBT Reimbursement automation has proven our consistency with our customers and thereby they are deciding to automate a host of existing processes as well as introducing new ones using IntelliBuddies® solution. The ease of use features such as client APIs to connect automation with existing infrastructure makes it very comfortable to not worry about changes to existing infrastructure. Overall, customer rates the IntelliBuddies® solution high in terms of performance, flexibility, scalability, and enterprise-wide adaptability.