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IntelliAppZ + QuickBooks




Let the "Auto" mode on!

Are you a seasoned Leader of your finance team using QuickBooks?

Are you worried about your team members spending much of their precious time doing just mundane with QuickBooks?

Are you managing Accounts for an SMB OR an Accountant OR a Small Business Owner?

Have you experienced the frustration of doing the same set of low-value repetitive tasks with many manual tasks associated with QuickBooks?

As a QuickBooks users, we do the same set of low-value repetitive tasks ongoing basis such as:-

  • Entering transactions from bank statements and credit cards and classifying them.
  • Processing invoices sent by vendors.
  • Creating and sending invoices via QuickBooks.
  • Downloading and sending any report generated by QuickBooks such as Profit & Loss statements, Balance sheets and Reconciliation reports.
  • Performing Reconciliation, accepting transactions in batch mode.
  • Importing transactions automatically once credentials are provided.
  • Generating budgets, issuing purchase orders.

Check out the ground-breaking technological innovation offered by IntelliBuddies RDA platform, known as IntelliAppZ – a Desktop automation application. It comes as a single-click installer containing the process you want to automate. With easy-to-install and configuration, you do not need additional IT support and yet can achieve automation to reap benefits.

IntelliAppZ, a unique offering by IntelliBuddies is certainly a game changer that can take your digital transformation initiative to the next level!

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