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Azure Cognitive Services Integration

Leverage advanced AI capabilities and automation with IntelliBuddies

IntelliBuddies Rapid Digital Automation, when integrated with Azure Cognitive Services, can provide significant benefits for enterprises by leveraging advanced AI capabilities and automation. Integrating IntelliBuddies Robotic Process Automation, Business Process Automation with Azure Cognitive Services allows enterprises to harness the power of AI and automation, streamline business processes, enhance customer experiences, and drive operational efficiency.

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Benefits using IntelliBuddies Azure activities:

  • Automated Document Processing: IntelliBuddies can utilize Azure Cognitive Services like Azure Form Recognizer and Azure Text Analytics to automate document processing tasks. It can extract information from documents, such as invoices, receipts, or contracts, and automatically populate relevant fields in enterprise systems, reducing manual data entry efforts and improving accuracy.
  • Intelligent Data Extraction: By utilizing Azure Cognitive Services like Azure Read API, IntelliBuddies can extract text and key-value pairs from images and other unstructured data sources. This can be useful for automated data extraction from scanned documents or images.
  • Predictive Analytics: By integrating with Azure Machine Learning, IntelliBuddies can build and deploy predictive models to make data-driven decisions. This can be applied in areas such as forecasting sales, predicting customer churn, or optimizing inventory levels.
  • NLP and Sentiment Analysis: Azure Cognitive Services provides NLP capabilities, including language understanding, sentiment analysis, entity recognition, and text translation.

The following are some of the functions available in the IntelliBuddies Azure integrations

  • Azure Cognitive Services: IntelliBuddies facilitates seamless integration with 'Azure Cognitive Services', enabling you to analyze your text and receive insights into both its sentiments and language.
  • Azure Form Analysis: IntelliBuddies facilitates seamless integration with 'Azure Cognitive Services', enabling you to extract data from structured forms, invoices, receipts, and other documents. e.g. The extracted invoice data will contain details of the form and layout information of the invoice image you have provided.


  1. Document Classification: With IntelliBuddies, you can easily automate document classification tasks by integrating it with Azure Cognitive Services. For example, you can gather documents requiring classification, such as contracts, legal papers, or customer communication.

  2. Document Understanding: IntelliBuddies can integrate with Azure Form Recognizer to extract structured data from documents like invoices, receipts, or forms. This allows for automated document processing, reducing manual effort and improving data accuracy.

  3. Predictive Analytics: By integrating IntelliBuddies with Azure Machine Learning, IntelliBuddies can build and deploy predictive models to forecast demand, predict customer churn, or optimize resource allocation.

  4. Content Moderation: By integrating Azure Content Moderator, IntelliBuddies can automatically moderate and filter content, ensuring compliance with guidelines and policies in user-generated content platforms.


The unique advantages that IntelliBuddies Azure integration activities provide, as listed below:

  • Leverages the security and reliability of Azure infrastructure.

  • Well-defined data models to ease the integration and processing of the response.

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