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Google Cloud Services Integration

Access cutting-edge AI capabilities and automation with IntelliBuddies

IntelliBuddies offers Google activities that seamlessly integrate with Google services, allowing users to utilize the capabilities and features provided by Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

With IntelliBuddies, you can easily automate your Drive and Sheets tasks by connecting to your Google tenant. You can perform various actions to enhance your automation experience.

It enables you to extend your automation connectivity toward Google tenants and perform multiple actions. Google Drive is a cloud-based storage solution that allows you to save files online and access them anywhere from any smartphone, tablet, or computer. You can use Drive on your computer or mobile device to securely upload and edit files online. Google Drive Activities uses Drive API V3 to interact and manage your files in your google drive.

The integration of IntelliBuddies with Google Cloud services allows organizations to access cutting-edge AI capabilities while enhancing the overall automation efficiency. These functional points demonstrate the platform's ability to harness the power of AI-driven technologies in conjunction with Google Cloud services, driving innovation and creating intelligent, data-driven automation solutions

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Benefits using IntelliBuddies Google Cloud activities:

  • Seamless Integration: IntelliBuddies allows users to easily integrate with Google Drive and Google Sheets, giving them direct access to files and data stored in these services from their automation workflows.
  • File Management and Collaboration: IntelliBuddies provides automated file management operations for Google Drive. With Google Drive activities, users can create, move, copy, and delete files and folders, allowing for efficient organization and collaboration on files.
  • Data Extraction and Manipulation: With IntelliBuddies Google Sheets activities, users can easily extract data from Google Sheets and perform necessary manipulations or updates in a structured manner. It allows for seamless automation of data processing tasks like validation, transformation, aggregation, or filtering within the automation workflows.
  • Real-time Data Access: With IntelliBuddies Google Sheets activities, users can easily access real-time data from Google Sheets. It allows for accurate and reliable automation processes with the latest information. The data can also be analyzed or integrated with other systems.
  • Security and Compliance: With IntelliBuddies, you can trust that your automation processes involving Google Drive and Google Sheets are secure and compliant. Our system uses the authentication and authorization mechanisms provided by Google Workspace to protect the confidentiality and integrity of your data throughout automation activities. IntelliBuddies supports API-Key, Service Account, and OAuth authentication types to connect to your Google tenant and perform the needed operations.

The following are some of the functions available in the IntelliBuddies Google Cloud Services integrations:

  • Google Context: Create a context by connecting to the Google Drive tenant using Drive API V3 and allowing you to perform multiple actions within it.
  • Docs and Sheets activities: IntelliBuddies offers google services in handling all activities with respect to google docs (Create file/folder, copy files/folder, move files/folder, delete files/folder) and google sheets (Create & Download sheets, cell range, copy and delete sheets).


  1. Data Analysis and Manipulation: IntelliBuddies Google Sheet Activities allows automation to read, write, and modify data within spreadsheets. This allows for data analysis, data manipulation, and automated reporting. Our Buddies can fetch data from Google Sheets, perform calculations or transformations, and update the spreadsheet with the results.

  2. Collaboration and Approval Workflows: By leveraging Google Drive and Google Sheets activities, one can automate the end-to-end collaboration process involving both Bots and Humans. While Bots could monitor, process, and extract data before initiating an approval workflow with a human.


The unique advantages that IntelliBuddies Google Cloud Services integration activities provide, as listed below:

  • Provides extensive activities to handle your GSheets inside your automation.

  • Our simple-to-use UI interface for these activities allows even Business users to build automation in minimal time.

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