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Microsoft 365 Automation

How IntelliBuddies assists Enterprises in integrating with Microsoft 365 activities to promote effective collaboration.

IntelliBuddies allows for effortless integration with different Microsoft 365 services, such as OneDrive for Business and Microsoft Teams Planner tasks. This integration empowers users to expand their automation abilities to these platforms and achieve diverse task automation. Integrating with Microsoft 365 using IntelliBuddies offers several benefits.

The Microsoft 365 activities provided by IntelliBuddies can significantly benefit organizations seeking to improve productivity, simplify workflows, and automate tasks within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. The IntelliBuddies activities in Microsoft 365 are a powerful solution for enhancing productivity, managing data more effectively, executing tasks more efficiently, and fostering a collaborative work environment across all Microsoft 365 applications.

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Benefits of using IntelliBuddies Microsoft 365 activities:

  • Seamless Integration: IntelliBuddies can seamlessly integrate with Microsoft 365 services, including SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, Microsoft Teams Planner, and Outlook. This integration dramatically enhances communication and data exchange across all Microsoft 365 applications.
  • Increased Productivity: Organizations can increase productivity and save time for strategic and creative tasks by automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks using Microsoft 365 activities.
  • End-to-End Automation: With IntelliBuddies, users can automate Microsoft 365 tasks from start to finish. It includes creating workflows that integrate with various services and applications.
  • Document Management: IntelliBuddies offers SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business activities that allow users to automate document management tasks, including uploading and downloading files and creating and deleting folders. It ensures a well-organized and efficient approach to handling documents.
  • Task Management: With Microsoft Teams Planner activities, users can easily automate creating, assigning, tracking, and updating tasks. It helps to streamline project management and task collaboration, making it much easier to keep everything organized and on track.
  • Outlook Mail Automation: The Get Outlook Mail Messages activity enables users to retrieve and process email messages from the Outlook mailbox, facilitating automated email handling and data extraction.
  • Time and Resource Savings: Automating Microsoft 365 tasks with IntelliBuddies reduces the need for manual intervention, saving time and resources while minimizing the risk of human errors.
  • Flexibility and Customization: IntelliBuddies offers various activities, providing flexibility in designing tailored automation solutions to meet specific business requirements.
  • Real-time Data Interaction: The real-time ability to interact with Microsoft 365 services ensures up-to-date data processing and accuracy in automation workflows.

The following are some of the functions available in the IntelliBuddies Microsoft 365 integrations:

IntelliBuddies can now connect with Microsoft 365 services, making it easier for users to manage documents, assign tasks, and increase productivity. By integrating with SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, and Teams Planner tasks, organizations can create automated workflows across multiple Microsoft 365 applications and services. With these new capabilities, IntelliBuddies is a valuable tool for businesses looking to optimize their productivity.

  • Team Planner: With IntelliBuddies, you can easily interact with Microsoft Team Planner to manage your team tasks, such as creating a Bucket, adding a Task inside a Bucket, searching for a Task, and updating and deleting the tasks inside a Bucket.
  • OneDrive for Business: IntelliBuddies allows you to smoothly interact with OneDrive for Business accounts and effortlessly automate file management tasks. It covers many features like uploading, downloading, copying, moving, and deleting files and folders in OneDrive.
  • Microsoft Outlook: With IntelliBuddies, you can effortlessly retrieve and read emails from your Outlook inbox and process it seamlessly.


  1. Document Collaboration and Sharing:

    • Automatically upload files to SharePoint Online or OneDrive for Business, making them accessible to team members.
    • Organize and share files among team members by creating and updating folders in OneDrive for Business.
    • Automate document approval workflows, where files are uploaded to SharePoint and routed for review and approval.
  2. Task and Project Management:

    • Microsoft Teams Planner activities automate task creation, assignment, and tracking, making project management seamless.
    • Automatically generate tasks in Microsoft Teams Planner using information from other systems or applications.
  3. Email Automation and Processing:

    • Automatically extract specific information from emails using the Get Outlook Mail Messages activity, such as retrieving attachments or parsing email content.
    • Use Outlook email data to trigger other actions, such as creating tasks in Planner or updating SharePoint items.
  4. Document Versioning and Archiving:

    • Automatically create new versions of documents when they are updated in SharePoint Online or OneDrive for Business to facilitate version control.
    • Automatically move SharePoint documents to OneDrive or other storage locations based on pre-set criteria.
  5. Data Extraction and Reporting:

    • Automatically retrieve data from SharePoint lists, OneDrive files, or Outlook emails to generate reports in various formats (PDF, Excel, etc.).
    • Extract information from various sources and consolidate it for further data analysis.


The unique advantages that IntelliBuddies Microsoft 365 integration activities provide, as listed below:

  • The Microsoft 365 IntelliBuddies activities offer comprehensive coverage of its services, extended automation capabilities, end-to-end workflow support, real-time data interaction, customization options, compliance features, and seamless integration with external systems. These aspects empower organizations to optimize productivity, streamline workflows, and achieve greater efficiency within the Microsoft ecosystem.

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