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IntelliTrainer: Teach, Learn, Execute Buddies effortlessly

IntelliTrainer, a cutting-edge component within the IntelliBuddies suite, revolutionizes document processing through the integration of OCR technology, offering unparalleled ease and efficiency. With IntelliTrainer, you gain the capability to effortlessly generate document processing models from templates, taking your automation initiatives to unprecedented levels.

Integrate trained document processing models seamlessly into your automation workflows, empowering our intelligent Buddies to autonomously recognize and extract crucial data from diverse documents. This results in expedited processes, heightened efficiency, and a more streamlined approach to tasks centered around documents.

IntelliTrainer leverages the robust capabilities of the OCR Engine, a technological marvel extracting text from images during the model training process. Our current support for the Tesseract OCR Engine ensures a seamless experience, requiring no additional installations – it's ready to enhance your automation endeavors straight out of the box.

Enhance your document processing capabilities with IntelliTrainer, where innovation effortlessly meets simplicity in the dynamic realm of IntelliBuddies. Transform your workflows and embrace a future where automation seamlessly integrates with document intelligence.

Control Room
OCR Engine

Analyzes the training data, learns to recognize the patterns, fields, and text within the documents based on the template

How OCR Trainer component in IntelliBuddies works:

1. Create New Document Model Project: Open IntelliTrainer and create a new project inside. Load the document template to be used for training our Buddy. The document template represents the structure and layout of the documents you want to extract data. This template is a reference for the OCR engine to understand the expected format and fields within the document.

2. Train Document Model: Training the Document Model consists of two steps. The first step is to train in identifying the document. The second step is to train in extracting the needed data from the recognized document. IntelliTrainer provides a visual way to define identifying parameters and extract the data required. It allows defining various fields to be extracted within multiple regions of the specified document template.

3. Publish and infuse the model with our Buddies: Once the training is completed, publish the model and infuse it with our Buddies using specific activities to handle Document Model.

4. Test your Document Model: You gather test data consisting of sample documents based on the template you created. These documents should cover a range of variations and examples of the document type you want to extract data from. Execute our Buddies to run through these sample documents and verify the data extracted by our Buddies to ensure the data is intact.

IntelliTrainer document models can only be created using IntelliTrainer application bundled with IntelliBuddies installation

Benefits using IntelliTrainer:

  • Data Extraction from Unstructured Content - OCR technology enables the extraction of data from unstructured content such as scanned documents, images, PDFs, or screenshots. By training the OCR engine, the RPA bot can accurately recognize and extract relevant information, making it usable for automation workflows.
  • Improved Accuracy - IntelliTrainer allow you to fine-tune the OCR algorithms to suit the specific fonts, layouts, and languages used in your documents. This customization increases the accuracy of data extraction, reducing the likelihood of errors in the automation process.
  • Time Savings - Manually entering data from unstructured documents is time-consuming and error-prone. By using an IntelliTrainer, the bot can automate the data extraction process, saving significant time and effort for employees who would otherwise perform this task manually.