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Process Designer - Digitization at your fingertips

Process Designer, part of powerful and AI infused IntelliBuddies platform, is a stepping stone to your automation journey. It comes with rich UI and built-in activities to get you an express start. With 250 plus ready to use built-in activities and many more being added at a mind-boggling pace, A–Store, the marketplace for IntelliBuddies workflows and processes, presents endless opportunities to extend and monetize efforts of businesses.


Process Designer has been developed from grounds-up with intention to minimize coding efforts by way of providing sophisticated UI tools to get started your automation. It includes Process Canvas – whiteboard for automating processes – and exciting features such as:

  • Visual development environment,
  • Drag and drop of controls,
  • IntelliSense,
  • ready-to-use workflows,
  • reusable snippets,
  • Automatic variable mapping,
  • Project resources
RPA_Process Designer

Built-in Activities

A catalog of activities has been aggregated from the fundamental building blocks in order to deliver on promise of faster development cycles. In most cases process automation could be achieved by just configuring activities from A-Store. These activities are categorized as:

  • Desktop automation
  • Citrix & Parallels automation
  • Salesforce automation
  • Active directory automation
  • Persistence automation (Suspend & Resume)
  • Excel, FTP and Web automation

Process Designer powered by IntelliBuddies, alleviates technology related worries of business leaders and helps them rather focus on processes to automate. Further, availability of predefined workflows through A – Store helps organizations to quickly realize ROI by automating their important processes.

Visual Flow Definition

Simplifies training and accelerates process.

Rich activities Library

Start automating by just drag-drop-configure built-in activity from 'A - Store'.

Cognitive Extensions

Complement your RPA with AI stimulus from various cognitive platforms.


Simplify your process modeling using our Desktop and Web recorders.


  • Faster - Our Drag-Drop-Configure methodology simplifies process modeling and helps define processes faster
  • Intelligent - Our Recorders can understand the actions performed and automatically define processes accordingly
  • Comprehensive - Our rich set of activities will provide organizations with the most effective results

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