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Salesforce Integration Activities

Forbes research says that around two-thirds of a Sales Representative's time is spent on non-revenue generation tasks. Reference: Why Sales Reps Spend Less Than 36% Of Time Selling (And Less Than 18% In CRM). Most of this time is spent on administrative tasks such as extracting, consolidating, and punching sales-related data into their CRM. Further, these repetitive but essential tasks are data critical, and human errors can have significant business impacts. Hence, automation is the best replacement for these repetitive and data-critical tasks.

Intelliappz Redefined

IntelliBuddies® introduces Salesforce Integration Activities. Our Salesforce Integration Activities provide easy access to all your Salesforce Entities with just a drag-drop and configure. This way, you can push or pull data to or from Salesforce. Together with our other rich set of Activities, you can quickly build process automation around your Salesforce.


There are multiple purposes for automating processes around your Salesforce. Some of them are:-
  • Enables your Sales team to focus on their prime area: Selling
  • Streamline your Sales process to make it more efficient
  • Automate your most repetitive but essential tasks involving extraction, consolidation, and storing sales data.

IntelliBuddies® utilizes Salesforce REST APIs to integrate with your Salesforce.

  • Connect to your Salesforce using our Salesforce Context Activity. This requires you to register IntelliBuddies® as a Connected App inside your Salesforce, securing your automation.
  • Supports CRUD operations on all your Salesforce Entities.
  • Access your Salesforce Entities with our dynamically built object models.
  • Supports customized Salesforce Entities
For more information, please refer: Salesforce Automation using IntelliBuddies®

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