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RDA in Human Resources

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At an executive level, it is likely that you’ve figured your Recruitment & HR managers and their teams are firefighting with high-volume / low-value tasks, facing challenges dealing with disparate systems, navigating through multiple sources, and therefore, it’s becoming difficult for them to hire the right talent, manage employees, enforce policies and ensure legal compliance across the board.

You would rather provide a seamless environment which addresses these constraints, thereby letting your staff save time, focus on effortless hiring and retaining employees at various levels, achieve KPIs, deliver organizational efficiency, and meet management expectations. This would in turn improve their throughput and make them more valuable to the organization by using Robotic Process Automation in HR.


You may now be asking, HOW?

Answer to your questions lie in transitioning over to automation. It can relieve your staff from routine and manual processes while letting them focus on core activities that would help them plan, collaborate, accomplish goals, measure & improve employee performance/productivity/ retention/customer satisfaction levels. The Rapid Digital Automation platform combines the power of the Robotic Process Automation (RPA), AI & ML and Business Process Automation (BPA) tools as one bundle, which can help automate various HR processes across the board with minimal spending and turn-around time, thus building a strong foundation for your digital transformation. Unlike other automation platforms that focus mostly on RPA and still require huge time and cost investment, IntelliBuddies presents a compelling choice and best of all can be easily set up and managed for your department. You can get more out of your current technology investments and leverage your resources in the most effective way by connecting them through the IntelliBuddies RDA platform.


Many automation possibilities within HR

  • Recruitment Profile Sourcing

    BPA optimizes recruitment by automating workflows and tasks, including candidate data entry, interview scheduling, and documentation management. Buddies extract resume data, populate tracking systems, and verify qualifications, streamlining processes. AI enhances recruitment by recommending ideal candidates and aligning candidate profiles with job requirements. Know more...

  • Employee Onboarding

    Buddies efficiently gather new employee data from forms, emails, and HR systems. They automate document generation, ensuring accurate information in contracts and offer letters. Data entry into HR systems is streamlined. BPA facilitates seamless onboarding with predefined steps and task assignments. Automated notifications keep HR, managers, and employees updated. Cognitive services analyze provided documents, extracting relevant data. This combined approach optimizes the entire employee onboarding process.

  • Employee Data management

    Buddies can automate onboarding by entering employee data into HR systems, generating welcome letters, and scheduling training sessions. BPA can automate performance management by collecting employee feedback, tracking performance goals, and generating performance reviews. AI can be used to identify potential risks to employee data, such as data breaches or fraud. AI can also personalize employee experiences, such as recommending training courses or suggesting job opportunities.

  • Expense Management

    RDA streamlines and standardizes expense management. BPA automates workflows, approvals, and document management, including routing expense reports. RPA automates routine tasks like data entry and extraction, enhancing accuracy and speed. AI advances expense management, aiding data extraction, categorization, anomaly detection, and predictive analytics.

  • Employee Exit Management

    Buddies can automate manual tasks in employee exit management, such as generating exit paperwork and processing severance packages. BPA can reduce compliance risk by automating tasks requiring compliance with regulations, such as ensuring that all exit paperwork is completed correctly and all company property is returned. AI can be used to improve the efficiency of employee exit management by identifying patterns and anomalies in data. This can help to identify potential problems early on and prevent them from causing delays or errors.

  • Employee Shift Management

    Buddies collect employee availability and preferences from varied sources, assigning shifts based on rules, preferences, and workloads. Automated notifications keep employees informed. BPA designs systematic shift allocation considering roles, skills, and compliance. It integrates approval workflows and assigns tasks for coordination. AI analyzes historical data to predict peak workloads and optimize shifts, while Machine Learning recommends ideal schedules, streamlining Employee Shift Management

  • Payroll Processing

    Buddies collect time and attendance data from various sources, such as timesheets and biometric systems. This ensures that the data is accurate and complete. BPA automates approval workflows for timesheets and other payroll documents. This ensures that all approvals are processed promptly and efficiently and that all policies and procedures are followed. Buddies can also synchronize data between HR systems and payroll software. This eliminates the need to manually enter data into multiple systems, which reduces errors and improves efficiency. Cognitive services analyze payroll data for trends, anomalies, and optimization possibilities.

  • Background Verification for New Hires

    RPA buddies efficiently gather new hire data, including personal info, documents, and references. They cross-verify documents against predefined criteria and automate database checks for criminal records. References are contacted for credential validation. BPA designs a structured background verification process, including approvals and tasks managing related documents for compliance. Automated notifications keep HR and managers informed. AI enhances verification by parsing and understanding documents, ensuring authenticity, cross-referencing databases, and predicting risk levels associated with each new hire.

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