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RPA in Insurance

Safeguarding you & dear ones

As an insurance Underwriter, you have figured that you are spending a lot of your time compiling information from your clients, inputs for which have come online or offline, submit it to insurance systems for obtaining ratings and then evaluate the risks to aid you underwrite policies. Turnaround time is the victim of such manual, high-volume and low-value activities, often inhibiting your ability to acquire and serve larger pool of clients, giving way for competitors to transgress.


Needless to say, you would surely wish to focus on minimizing the manual efforts and human errors, thereby spending more time on your core competence – RISK EVALUATION and be able to increase your business and customer satisfaction levels.

Most Underwriters are now asking, how can they achieve faster and accurate execution of such processes, minimize human intervention, save on time, cut costs, and improve client experience?

You may now be asking, HOW?

The answer - It will take a new and different approach. One where automation becomes the cornerstone of the platforms that are needed for underwriting policies. Now all that the Underwriters need to do is identify scores of places where mundane and repetitive tasks occur. And, with minimal time and expense, robotic process automation (RPA) can take over. Unlike other RPA platforms, IntelliBuddies® doesn’t require a huge time and cost investment and best of all can be set up and managed for your purposes with Robotic Process Automation in Insurance industry.


Many automation possibilities within Insurance sector

  • Claim registration and processing

    Requires companies to gather a vast amount of information from a number of sources, creating exhaustive quantities of data. Processing these data includes many repetitive and low value tasks.

  • Policy admin and servicing

    From quoting, rating, underwriting to distributing customer services – policy administration links all the functions of an insurer. Many data sources has to be synced which requires repetitive and low value tasks.

  • Regulatory compliance

    Validating existing customer information, regulatory report generation, sending out account closure processing notifications and many more.

  • Integration with legacy applications

    Insurance companies still rely heavily on legacy applications for business processes like ERP or BPM or external systems is truly quite challenging as it requires integration with legacy apps.

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