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Business Challenge

Our client specializes in Distribution Management System (DMS) services tailored for diverse brand companies, including Collection Entry Automation, overseeing the distribution of goods to retailers, facilitating payment collection, and managing the payment cycle. However, the current workflow heavily depends on manual intervention, resulting in inefficiencies. This manual process requires extensive labour and consumes valuable working hours, ultimately impeding productivity and accuracy. The challenges faced by our client within this process include:

  • Labor Intensive: The manual nature of the process demands substantial human effort, indicating a challenge in resource allocation and productivity.
  • Time Consuming: The process consumes considerable working hours, implying inefficiency and potential delays in other tasks.
  • Error-Prone: Manual processes inherently prone to errors, posing a threat to the accuracy of financial data and reporting, potentially impacting decision-making and the overall financial well-being of the enterprise.
  • Lack of Scalability: Dependence on manual processes creates a bottleneck, restricting scalability and impeding the capacity to effectively manage rising transaction volumes or accommodate business expansion.
  • Compliance Risks: Relying on manual processes heightens the risk of non-compliance with regulations or internal policies, potentially leaving the company vulnerable to legal or financial repercussions.
Business Objectives

Our client’s primary objective was to modernize Collection Entry Automation from various brand companies to local vendors. The aim is to reduce manual efforts, improve efficiency, and minimize errors in tasks such as downloading collection reports, filtering based on payment mode and verification status, and updating the brand company's Centralized Distribution Management System [CDMS]. By implementing the Task Automation process and Collection Entry Automation through IntelliBuddies, we seek to optimize daily operations, enhance productivity, and ensure accurate reporting, ultimately mitigating legal and financial risks associated with manual processes.


IntelliBuddies offers a Task Automation process, employing GenAI services facilitated by consolidated Collection Entry Automation, enhancing to automation of manual tasks within the Distribution Management System (DMS) operated by our enterprise client. This automation initiates advanced Rapid Digital Automation [RDA] tools bundled with RPA, BPA, ML, and cognitive services. Assimilating with the prevailing systems IntelliBuddies targets the labor-intensive and error-prone aspects, aiming to significantly enhance efficiency and accuracy. The Collection Entry Automation solution encompasses the following steps:

  • Automated Report Retrieval: It automatically initiates based on a preset schedule and fetches the prior day's collection report from the client's CDMS, bypassing manual downloads.
  • Automated Filtering and Processing: The Task Automation, automatically processes and filters the downloaded report based on predefined rules, streamlining the extraction of relevant data from the Excel format.
  • Automated Collection Entry Update: It efficiently updates payment modes (Cash, Cheque, NEFT, UPI) and relevant details (collected amount, date, reference number) in the Brand Company's CDMS, ensuring accurate and timely data entry.
  • Error Handling and Reporting: In instances of discrepancies between the Client CDMS and the Brand Company's CDMS, the Buddy identifies and flags them, ensuring data integrity by compiling them into an Unprocessed Entry Report. Stakeholders receive comprehensive reports upon completion, fostering transparency and facilitating follow-up actions.
Competitive Analysis

IntelliBuddies Collection Entry Automation offers more than just reducing manual intervention; it actively addresses the risks linked to human error, thereby boosting the efficiency and dependability of the Distribution Management System. Opting for IntelliBuddies empowered our enterprise clients to seamlessly update the Brand company’s CDMS, elevating accuracy, transparency, and compliance across the workflow.

Impact of leveraging IntelliBuddies automation


Reduction in manual labour costs


Decrease in processing time


Enhancement in decision-making


Reduction in error rates

Success Story

IntelliBuddies increased efficiency in Collection Entry Automation process

IntelliBuddies enhanced efficiency in Collection Entry Automation for a Logistics Company Our logistics company experienced a remarkable boost in efficiency and accuracy with the implementation of IntelliBuddies' Collection Entry Automation solution. This innovative AI-driven platform, incorporating RPA and BPA technologies, revolutionized our collection entry processes, delivering outstanding outcomes. By leveraging this advanced automation platform, we observed a notable improvement in workflow efficiency and productivity, coupled with a reduction in errors in collection entry tasks. Moreover, the solution ensures precise data management and compliance adherence throughout the collection process. The adoption of IntelliBuddies' solution resulted in a substantial return on investment (ROI), offering our company significant long-term financial advantages.

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