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Business Challenge

A manufacturing industry in US encountered significant hurdles in their logistics operations, particularly in label generation and tracking. Manual processes led to inefficiencies, errors, and delays. The decentralized storage of label data posed compliance risks and hindered timely decision-making. Moreover, meeting diverse customer expectations, addressing knowledge gaps among employees, and overcoming resource constraints became increasingly challenging, impacting customer satisfaction and retention. They had the following challenges as part of their process:

  • The label generation tracking process faced difficulties in effectively managing the workforce responsible for data labelling, leading to inefficiencies and delays
  • Ensuring consistent quality in the labelled dataset proved challenging, impacting the accuracy and reliability of the label generation tracking process.
  • Keeping track of the financial costs associated with data labelling posed a significant challenge, leading to difficulties in budget management and cost optimization.
  • Compliance with data privacy regulations presented challenges, requiring stringent measures to protect sensitive information during the label generation tracking process.
Business Objectives

The primary objectives were to streamline label generation and tracking processes, enhance operational efficiency, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. They aimed to reduce unnecessary expenses, minimize operational costs, and maximize cost-effectiveness. Improving the efficiency of workflows from label creation to tracking was crucial for enhancing productivity and resource allocation.


IntelliBuddies' AI-driven intelligent automation platform provided with a comprehensive solution to their logistics challenges. Leveraging advanced Rapid Digital Automation (RDA) tools bundled with RPA, BPA and Cognitive services, IntelliBuddies automated label generation, reducing manual effort and improving accuracy. Their GenAI services facilitated centralized label storage and retrieval, enhancing compliance and decision-making. Integration with existing systems enabled robust verification and streamlined approval workflows, ultimately improving efficiency and speed. The IntelliBuddies RDA platform orchestrates the label generation process with precision and efficiency. Here's how it works:

  • Login and Email Monitoring: IntelliBuddies seamlessly integrates with configured mailbox, continuously scanning for emails with the predefined subject.
  • CSV Extraction: Upon identifying the relevant email, IntelliBuddies task automation swiftly extracts the CSV attachment containing crucial label data, ensuring no delays in processing.
  • File Renaming: IntelliBuddies meticulously renames the extracted CSV file to required name and extension, adhering to the standardized naming conventions for seamless compatibility.
  • Folder Management: IntelliBuddies conducts thorough folder checks within the application. It ensures that any existing CSV file from the previous day is removed, preventing confusion and ensuring only the latest data is processed.
  • File Transfer: With meticulous attention to detail, the bot proceeds to transfer the renamed CSV file to the assigned folder within the application. This streamlined approach ensures accurate and timely label processing.
Competitive Analysis

IntelliBuddies distinguished itself in the market with its feature-rich offering tailored to label generation and tracking automation. The platform's scalability and seamless integration capabilities with existing systems provided the manufacturing industry with a competitive edge. By choosing IntelliBuddies, they gained access to a robust solution, positioning them for future growth and success in logistics operations.

Effective Label Generation Automation Led to:


Improved Customer Satisfaction


Enhanced Tracking of Shipments




Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Success Story

IntelliBuddies enhanced the efficiency of the Label Generation Tracking automation process

Implementing IntelliBuddies AI-driven intelligent automation for label generation tracking has revolutionized our logistics operations. By automating label generation and tracking, we streamlined processes, reduced errors, and ensured compliance with industry standards.

This automation solution expedites label generation, minimizing delays and enhancing operational efficiency. Additionally, it enables real-time tracking of shipments, improving visibility and customer satisfaction.

With IntelliBuddies, we've experienced remarkable productivity gains and significant cost savings. Our operations have become more efficient, allowing us to handle increased order volumes with ease.

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