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Business Challenge

A HR department at a multinational company, juggling talent acquisition across diverse regions and time zones. The manual, time-consuming process of profile sourcing resulted in:

  • Slow turnaround times: Filling open positions took weeks, impacting team productivity and hindering growth.
  • High costs: Manual resume screening and outreach were resource-intensive, straining the budget.
  • Inconsistent results: Subjective candidate selection led to a hit-or-miss approach, potentially overlooking skilled individuals
  • Human error: Manual processes were prone to mistakes, impacting candidate experience and potentially leading to missed opportunities.
Business Objectives

The client desired an integrated solution that wouldn't disrupt their current workflow, thus avoiding any additional learning curve for the HR operations team in adopting new tools and technologies. They required a solution that should achieve the following objectives. To address these challenges, we sought a solution that would:

  • Reduce sourcing time and improve hiring speed.
  • Optimize costs associated with the recruitment process.
  • Attract and connect with a wider pool of qualified candidates.
  • Ensure consistency and objectivity in candidate evaluation.
  • Minimize errors and streamline workflows.

We implemented IntelliBuddies AI-driven automation platform for our profile sourcing operations. Their solution offered:

  • Pre-built templates: Tailored to our specific industry and job requirements, these templates facilitated targeted searches and efficient candidate screening.
  • AI-powered matching: Leveraging intelligent algorithms, the platform accurately matched candidates with relevant positions, ensuring a qualified talent pool.
  • Automated workflows: Tasks like resume screening, scheduling interviews, and communication were automated, freeing up HR teams for strategic activities.
  • Data-driven insights: The platform provided valuable insights into our talent pool and recruitment strategies, enabling continuous improvement.
Competitive Analysis

We considered several other solutions before choosing IntelliBuddies. Implementing IntelliBuddies AI-driven automation platform has transformed our profile sourcing process. We now attract top talent faster, more efficiently, and at a lesser cost. Their key differentiators included:

  • Industry-specific expertise: IntelliBuddies offered pre-built templates tailored to our industry, unlike generic solutions from competitors.
  • AI-powered matching: Their intelligent algorithms provided more accurate and efficient candidate matching compared to rule-based systems.
  • Scalability and customization: The platform easily scaled to our needs and was highly customizable to our specific workflows.
  • Data-driven insights: The platform's analytics provided valuable insights unavailable with other solutions.

Impact of recruiting qualified candidates selection process




Reduced Cost-per-Hire


Quality Hiring Increase


Increased Productivity

Success Story

IntelliBuddies supercharges our recruitment with AI-driven automation!

Implementing IntelliBuddies intelligent platform with RPA and BPA workflows for profile sourcing has streamlined our entire process, delivering impressive results:

With the implementation of this AI-driven solution, it became simpler to target specialized talent pools, resulting in the attraction of a higher volume of qualified candidates. Automation streamlined resource allocation and expenditure management, resulting in a significant decrease in the cost per hire.

Implementing automated workflows significantly reduced errors, enhancing the candidate experience and improving selection accuracy, thereby boosting recruiter productivity. By automating candidate matching, the system eliminates errors and ensures precise targeting of top talent tailored to your specific requirements.

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