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IntelliBuddies Partner Ecosystem

In today’s quickly evolving business world, everyone wants to go digital as they are overwhelmed with mundane, repetitive tasks. These tasks not only consume time but also precious human resources, not to mention it is also error-prone. No wonder, Digital Transformation has become the most important goal set by businesses around the globe, irrespective of size. The Robotic Process Automation revolution is helping businesses to achieve Digital Transformations successfully. A survey by Deloitte tells this story in numbers. In September 2017, Deloitte surveyed 400 diverse industry respondents presenting a combined value of $1.8 trillion. The report noted that 53% of the organizations have already started the RPA initiative looking at the enormous benefits it brings to the table.

Since its inception, founders at IntelliBuddies understood that these Digital Transformation goals could be achieved only through right strategies and by working towards next-generation solutions that accelerate innovation and drive business performance. Creating an ecosystem comprising of IntelliBuddies Partners, and Customers is an important strategy in building a strong community. Further with the stable and robust product and aggressive marketing campaigns, IntelliBuddies believes that this is the right time to build mutually beneficial relationships with Partners. We are always on look out for passionate and equal minded partners to step into a world filled with unique opportunities to grow together.

See how you can monetize using IntelliAppZ

How to monetize using IntelliAppz?Partner Benefits

Marketing and sales

  • Access to marketing resources
  • Support from sales teams during marketing campaigns
  • Access to the IntelliBuddies technical team
  • Launchpad to get started on powerful IntelliBuddies platform


  • World-class training material as well as in-house training support
  • Access to community edition to enable hands-on learning and adaptation
  • Access to the IntelliBuddies technical team
  • Access to A-Store to help contribute and sell IntelliBuddies based solutions
  • Launchpad to get started on powerful IntelliBuddies platform

IntelliBuddies Partner Types

Value-Added Resellers (VAR)
Becoming an authorized VAR enables you to sell IntelliBuddies software directly to your customers and provides seamless advantage of seasonal discounts.

Implementation Partners
Becoming an authorized implementation partner enables you to sell IntelliBuddies software along with your professional services engagements. It will also allow you to receive training materials along with sales support. Not to say you will be entitled to best discounts.

Technology Partners
Becoming an authorized technology partner enables the delivery of joint solutions to shared customers. Technology Partners are also entitled to all discounts and benefits extended to VARs and Implementation Partners.