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Buddy: Once a buddy, always a buddy!

They are face of your automations. They stay alert, work tirelessly and accurately 24/7 in order to deliver expected results. To make sure your needs are taken care of, we have a family of Buddies – Smart Buddies and Assistant Buddies. Buddies can pause, wait for users to respond, and resume execution thereafter.

Each Buddy, though a lightweight companion of yours, makes heavy lifting by the way of parallel execution of different processes1.

Buddies are created in Control Room and executed in stations. Once created, user can connect Processes and Buddies together using Jobs and Triggers.

Let us introduction to members of Buddies family:

  • Smart Buddy2: Your tireless, intelligent automation agents that work around the clock. Smart Buddies execute end-to-end automation seamlessly without human intervention on dedicated smart stations. Jobs and Triggers utilize the power of Smart Buddies to bring your automation visions to life. Smart Buddies are capable of executing end-to-end automation without any human intervention on specified smart stations. Jobs and Triggers use Smart Buddies to execute automation. They are not node-locked but instead use user-locked floating licenses. Smart Buddies comprises of 3 components:
    • Station Service – responsible for managing Smart Buddies on any given Smart Station and update status to Control Room.
    • Station Agent – represents UI of Smart Buddies. The station agent uses Windows Tray feature to be quickly accessible and convey current state of Smart Buddies.
    • Station User – is used to bind license to and provide credentials that will be used by Smart Buddies to connect to Smart Stations.

Above mentioned components are deployed on Smart Stations using client deployment tools.

  • Assistant Buddy: Tailored for individual users, Assistant Buddies empowers you to create and run automation right from your desktop. Triggered by user actions or events, Assistant Buddies bring automation to your fingertips. Imagine effortlessly automating mundane tasks or reacting to specific events like file movements or incoming emails. While Smart Buddies can act at Enterprise level, Assistant Buddies execute process triggered by users on their machines. Assistant Buddies allow individual users to create and run automations in order to do mundane tasks on their desktops. Apart from being triggered by users, it can also watch out for events and react by executing a specific process. For example, it could watch specific folder for file movement or incoming emails to be able to execute automations designed by an end user.

  • Buddies are basic units of automation. They execute processes designed in Process Designer seamlessly and tirelessly with same accuracy. Buddies reacts to events such as incoming emails, changes in folder. They apply intelligence, NLP, and use AI in decision making and respond back predictively and prescriptively.

    [1] Currently each Buddy can run upto 5 processes in parallel.
    [2] Available in Enterprise Edition

Smart Buddy

Operate without human touch. These buddies could be scheduled to run

Assistant Buddy

Collaborate with human intervention. Typically works in background to help the human who can continue with his foreground work

Buddy In Action

Rich feature set what buddies can do


Buddy can extract, transfer and load data to/from heterogenous data sources.


Buddy can process, extract, learn and apply OCR and ML technologies.

Desktop Automation

Automate human actions on desktop applications.

Web Automation

Automate human actions on web applications.

A - Store

A - Store is a catalogue of built in processes which you would like to automate within IntelliBuddies RPA platform.


  • Centralized Management - Buddies are managed in one place under our Control Room
  • Flexible Licensing - License could be applied and interchanged between buddies
  • Verbose Logging - Buddies report back their operations in detail
  • Light Weight - Buddies consume very less CPU and memory resources
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