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HR Process Automation


As head of HR operations, you are the interface between Corporate and HR team that reports to you. While the HR team consisting of manager(s) and recruitment staff work closely with the department heads to meet their human resource needs and aggregate the requirements to you, the onus of working closely with the upper echelon of the management for getting planning and budget approvals, providing precise & timely reports rests with you. However, the challenges you face are many folds.

First, you see that the entire process is top-down as well as bottom-up driven – with request/approval/reminder/escalation schematic.

Next, you figure that your team spends a lot of time manually carrying out repetitive, mundane, and "high volume / low value” tasks. The department is understaffed, overburdened, and overstressed and often misses deadlines.

You would rather have a system to:

Automate your manual workflows, help your team consistently meet targets on time, cut the cost of the process at macro and micro levels, improve overall employee experience, integrate with standard Database/ERP systems, provide business analytics, and help utilize cognitive services.

Now you are wondering how. You may of course invest in multiple disparate systems to meet your objectives – BPM, RPA, AI/ML, Analytics. However, your costs will skyrocket, connecting disparate systems would only mean implementation overheads and incompatibility issues. This is where an RDA platform plays a key role.

IntelliBuddies is a AI-Driven Unified Platform that provides complete Digital Transformation. It comes with inbuilt BPM and RPA engines, provides custom AI methods as well as interfaces to Azure/AWS/Google cognitive services, Dynamics reports, and integration with standard databases and ERP systems.

Process Flows

Following are the most important processes that work together for successful hiring planning to training stages. Other HR processes such as Employee probation, Appraisal Processes and Employee Exit processes can also utilize IntelliBuddies platform for better implementation of policy driven processes in the organization:

HR Process in Totality
HR Processes in Totality
Budgeting and Planning Process
Budgeting and Planning
Profile Sourcing Process
Profile Sourcing
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Employee Onboarding Process
Training Process

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