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Profile Sourcing Automation


In a typical organizational setup, HR Manager receives job descriptions from the Hiring Managers based on the requirements. They would then be forwarded to Recruitment staff, who would log in into various job portals to extract relevant profiles. Most often, recruiters will have to manually search candidates by providing filter criteria to get the right match. At the end, they have to prepare a report with shortlisted candidates and send it to the concerned Hiring Managers. This manual process is repetitive and laborious. It results in loosing quality hires due to latency associated with the process and also increases the cost of operation.


Following are the most important processes that work tother for successful hiring planning to training stages. Other HR processes such as Employee probation, Appraisal Processes and Employee Exit processes can also utilize IntelliBuddies platform for better implementation of policy driven processes in the organization:

  • Automation of triggering the process to start extraction of job profiles.
  • Automation of extraction of job profiles from various job portals
  • Automation of generating reports of selected job profiles and sending back to Hiring Manager
Process flow
HR Profile Sourcing
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