A - Store

A - Store is a catalog of built-in processes which you would like to automate within the IntelliBuddies® RPA platform. If the process exists which you would like to automate in A - Store, you can download the process or buddy, clone, and customize it according to your organization needs and go live quickly. By this, you will be able to realize faster ROI.

IntelliBuddies® process team is well versed with the business processes across different industry verticals who have built and implemented business processes in a very generic and easily customizable way. These processes are then published into the A - Store after they have been tested rigorously. This will reduce your efforts of building the processes from scratch and thus ensuring correctness.

Further, to make it more user adaptable, our Process Designer directly integrates with our A - Store so that your team can work faster with A - Store processes. Any organization can also have their private A - Store to share the processes built within their organization.


A - Store can shorten your time to value by providing you an incredible selection of pre-built processes and thereby ensuring you reach your Intelligent Automation goals rapidly. Overall, IntelliBuddies® A - Store can provide you the following benefits:

  • Faster ROI – Shorten your time of process implementation and go live quickly
  • Reduced Cost of Ownership – Reduces your development and testing efforts
A - Store

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