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Think Big, start small, scale faster – IntelliAppZ!

Many have heard about how great RPA is and how it has helped organizations save tons of money. Many have dreamt about how RPA can help transform organizations digitally. Traditional wisdom says, “Thinking big needs bigger investments”. We at IntelliBuddies ®think that bigger goals are achieved by taking small steps and we are committed to allowing the same when it comes to adopting RPA for organizations. We want one to be allowed to think big, start small and scale faster! IntelliBuddies® powerful AI & ML infused platform has helped many to make their RPA journey quick and delightful. Many who want to see how these benefits can be materialized think twice about proceeding due to perceived relatively large setups and initial investment. This results in the status quo about how to go about RPA driven digital transformations in organizations.

At IntelliBuddies®, we understand this dilemma of cost-benefit considerations. Instead of presenting some numbers based on the experiences, we should allow one to measure the benefits on their own. And in doing so, cost should be the last thing to come in the way.

So, for all who want to try and see the benefits of RPA for enterprises, IntelliAppz is a path-breaking, disruptive feature that helps break glass ceilings of RPA. Let us understand how it revolutionizes the way we think RPA!

Traditional RPA comes bundled with multiple components that need to coexist to leverage the benefits. A buddy in any manifestation has to exist in conjunction with supporting structure which typically involves a comprehensive platform. Once a process is designed, Buddy excutes it. However, Buddy needs complete ecosystem in order to perform its job. What this in turn means is that Buddies are always platform dependent. Thus it makes mandatory for enterprises to continue to subscribe to the platform and its components forever. More than often many enterprises would require Buddies to do specific jobs, the process maps of which seldom change. How if, we are able to create a Buddy that would accomplish a specific targeted task and executes independently, once designed, without relying on any platform components?

Welcome to IntelliAppz! Create Buddies and deploy them as stand-alone executables. IntelliBuddies® platform lets enterprises create stand-alone Buddies that are designed once and generated into executables as IntelliAppz. Such applications are standalone executables that do not rely on any platform components to perform their tasks. This provides immense value to enterprises as it significantly reduces their investment on components that are redundant. IntelliBuddies® platform has been designed to generate IntelliAppz from Process Designer. It is as simple as creating a process map and compiling it into an executable. If you ever have to change the behavior of such an IntelliAppz, you can always open process map in Process Designer, make necessary changes and then recompile back into an executable.

How does that sound? True value for money isn’t it? This revolutionary new way of giving flexibility to enterprises to create executables is certainly a game changer and a key differentiator that IntelliBuddies® provides!

Welcome to IntelliAppZ – your RPA process, created and deployed as a stand-alone executable and keeps doing its job 24/7!

Thank you for your interest!

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