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How the buddies will change the future

by:    2020-09-09    Source:   IntelliBuddies®

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“Organization should benchmark, optimize, and then automate – the technology should be one of the final step”.

With RPA, an intelligent automation software tool can be built easily to perform such routine day-to-day activities as invoice processing, ERP data entry, account reconciliation, sales orders maintenance. It is very simple to set up, with minimal to no changes to your existing infrastructure.

What are Buddies?

Buddies are designed and instructed to work with zero fault. They not only perform repetitive tasks but can do much more. They can accept emails, apply intelligence, NLP, and use AI in decision making and respond back predictively and prescriptively.

Advantages of Buddies in the Workplace
  • Safety:

    Safety is the most obvious advantage of utilizing Buddies. By delegating dangerous tasks to a buddy, you’re more likely to look at a repair bill than a serious medical bill or a lawsuit. Employees who work in dangerous jobs will be thankful that buddies can remove some of the risks.

  • Speed:

    Buddies don’t get distracted or need to take breaks. A buddy will never feel stressed out and start running slower. They also don’t need to be invited to employee meetings or training sessions. Buddies can work all the time, and this speeds up production.

  • Consistency:

    Buddies never need to divide their attention between a multitude of things. Their work is never contingent on the work of other people. They won’t have unexpected emergencies, and they won’t need to be relocated to complete a different time-sensitive task.

  • Perfection:

    Buddies will always deliver quality. Since they’re programmed for precise, repetitive motion, they’re less likely to make mistakes. In some ways, Buddies are simultaneously an employee and a quality control system.

  • Job Creation:

    Buddies don’t take jobs away. They merely change the jobs that exist. Buddies need people for monitoring and supervision. The more Buddies we need, the more people we’ll need to build those Buddies.

IntelliBuddies® powered by its Buddies and infused AI, ML, makes medical help available to patients, agnostic to their geographical locations, resulting in a big leap in medical care. Automation of Telehealth care not only saves time of expert health workers but also improves revenue cycle for health providers.

All of us know this old well-known proverb - “A friend in need is a friend indeed”.

A friend who helps you when you really in need is a true friend. With IntelliBuddies®, the Assistant and Smart Buddies play an important and vital role to the customer business, where it will help anytime, anywhere, under any circumstances in achieving the tasks or your goals. These works tirelessly, faster, more efficiently, error-free, and all day.

IntelliBuddies® - Buddy is a lightweight process and a fundamental component of IntelliBuddies®. It operates with both human touch and their intervention, helping them to work on other productive work. It has the tendency to do even more, and the definition of buddies from the enterprise automation space will only get expanded. Buddy is a lightweight process and a fundamental component of IntelliBuddies®.

Buddies are an essential part of automation that helps to further the technology while being incredibly useful at the same time. These buddies can be utilized to coordinate and gather information on behalf of an enterprise so that they might enhance their products and services in ways that end-users demand. This is a critical step for businesses to stay competitive, while simultaneously contributing to the progression towards automation.