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HIPPA Compliance

by: 08/10/2021   Source: Intelli Buddies

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IntelliBuddies® and HIPPA Compliance
HIPPA compliance

Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) is a US federal law and any organization that is willing to be business associate of US companies that deal healthcare must be compliant with it. Also, as medical tourism is booming, hospitals planning healthcare services to international patients are encouraged to become HIPPA compliant, increasing their credibility and instil confidence in patients from US or other countries requiring compliance. Failure to compliant with HIPPA attracts substantial financial damages apart from pressing criminal charges. Business Associates and hospitals implementing HIPPA compliance face challenges in adhering to technical safeguards, breach monitoring and reporting, in the absence of automation.

IntelliBuddies® in Action
  • Technical & Physical safeguards

    Various provisions of HIPPA compliance related to technical & physical safeguards required by HIPPA compliance are fulfilled by Buddies and Controls provided by IntelliBuddies®. Automation in Virtualized applications powered by IntelliBuddies®, is used to make sure authorized users is logged off after pre-defined inactive time while accessing servers. Unattended Buddies also automatically remove all ePHI data from devices of users once he/she leaves Organisation. Buddies are programmed to monitor access to ePHI assets and create activity logs that include information of any action taken on ePHI. This data can be sent to servers for storage and analysis.

  • Breach monitoring and reporting

    IntelliBuddies® Unattended Buddies keep watch on activity logs and locate any breaches that may happen. Buddies report each breach as it happens and uploads individual report to regulators. It monitors for breach threshold and notifies regulators as well as concerned departments in order to issue appropriate media notices.

Hence, IntelliBuddies® powered by its buddies are of great help to business associates and hospitals to be HIPPA compliant and reduce any financial, legal burden that could occur due to non-compliance.

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