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How RPA can help healthcare industry in Medical Transcription

by: Netrapidcare   2018-07-31   Source: RapidCare

Healthcare industry in Medical Transcription by N/A is licensed under unsplash Unsplash

It is an important process in the healthcare industry involving transcribing and editing medical reports dictated by doctors, nurses, and other medical practitioners. It is evident that global medical transcription services industry has been growing considerably during the recent past. Studies confirm that global market is about to grow by billions in the foreseeable future. Having attained a niche among the crucial medical processes that serve medical professionals on a major scale, medical transcription service has become a crucial part in the lives of physicians and medical practices.

Repetitive & mundane tasks, and endless paperwork when performed by the human manpower can prove tiring, seemingly endless, and is prone to erroneous output. RPA Bots helps to overcome this challenge and smartly manage your revenue cycle management operations to letting your staff to focus on more analytical jobs.

Being adopted by more and more number of clinics and professionals, medical transcription process helps conversion of health care professionals’ dictations into electronic text format, thus rendering the vital information more easily retrievable and quickly accessible.

Factors driving the Global Medical Transcription Services Market

  • Automation : Digital technologies and automation have been the order of the day in almost all industries in the world. In the health care industry, technology, in the form of speech recognition software, fuels volume and quality of medical transcripts. The process of automation in health care industry has resulted in huge cost savings while enabling transcriptionists come up with totally reliable and precise transcripts
  • Standards & Compliance : Rising emphasis on the use of standard reporting formats and styles has resulted in accuracy and easy sharing of vital medical information over common platforms. Various medical professionals and facilities are enabled to coordinate effectively due to the compliance and regulations set on a global basis.
  • Portability : The drastic change that has occurred in record portability has come as a great boost for medical transcription services all over the world. Sensitive health data being dictated from geographically different places can now be shared with the required people easily, thanks to the efficient digital resources developed today.

IntelliBuddies® - Aids the healthcare enterprise to process huge volumes of medical affiliated documentations. It can eliminate errors and other manual entry mistakes alongside process the documents faster than human workforce, it can convert handwritten notes into digital form which will be then used in EHR, insurance policies, and other repositories.

It comes with large set of very useful of activity libraries with built-in intelligent automation framework along with AI and ML capabilities to automate the medical transcription processing very effectively and efficiently. With AI infused technology, the Buddies can be trained to perform the tasks quicker, wherein earlier humans took used to too long hours. Tasks such as speech recognition, data interpretation from different geographical locations, extracting data from one source, transforming and loading it into other systems, and many more.

Source: RapidCare