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How Healthcare industry benefited from RPA in Discharging process

by:   11/10/2020   Source: Feat Systems

RPA benefits in discharging process by N/A is licensed under unsplash Unsplash

Before discharging a patient, there are medications, prescriptions, and precautions to follow to help them recover faster and not complicate the recovery. It is difficult to ensure whether every patient is following the instructions of the doctor.

Again, RPA bots can improve and help in the precision of discharge guidelines and alerting the patients for the renewal of their prescriptions. RPA systems are also helpful in improving the HCAHPS scores (Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems). The healthcare provider can improve the patient’s experience by providing swift and efficient healthcare and planned recovery.

Challenges of Healthcare industry:

  • The Healthcare industry is turning no stones unturned to mark themselves digital to stay at par with other industries. Most of the healthcare industries are adopting RPA and AI to reduce human errors that have cost them a lot in terms of money and time in the past.
  • Also, a slight error in collecting on interpreting the patient’s data might trigger a wrong insurance policy affecting the insurance industry as well.
  • Manually moving the data from patience to the doctor or from one department to another and compiling all the data into one report is the biggest challenge that the healthcare industry can be facing in the current situation.

Functioning of discharge instructions process in a hospital :

  • Your Hospital may have the best surgeons in town and the best medical facility provided to the patient. But, what if the surgery is successful but the patient develops an allergy post the surgery? Will he blame himself or the hospital for his condition?
  • After the surgery is performed, a patient has to be clearly instructed about the discharge process and the clinic has to make sure the patient is following the instructions and visiting the doctor regularly. Only when the patient recovers completely and gets back to normal, he will review the hospital services to be good. Hence, the patient is given prescriptions, medications, and is asked to follow post-discharge guidelines when he sees certain symptoms.
  • How can a hospital handle the Discharge process easily and check whether the patient follows discharge instructions? It seems a very tedious job if done manually right?

IntelliBuddies® - Can help healthcare enterprise overcome the following challenges during discharge process of a patient—prescription pick-up reminders to the patients, notify upcoming doctor’s appointment and medical tests, and also alert the healthcare provider if a patient requests for further assistance.

IntelliBuddies® platform features several components to build an intelligent automation to your business process. The Process Designer (IDE tool) consists of a very large set of activity libraries that is useful in digitizing processes. The processes are built in terms of activities, then they are sequenced, and finally deployed to the Control Room (on-premise or cloud platform) where the jobs will be picked up based on their schedule for processing by the Buddies.

A – Store, is a repository in Process Designer where pre-built digitized processes are shipped either freely or purchased from IntelliBuddies® store. The idea is to contain the most obvious processes that each Organization can utilize by just cloning and customizing it to their needs.

Source: Feat Systems