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Popular misconceptions of Robots

by: Nick Ismail   2017-11-09    Source:   Information Age

buddy_image & ML_Blog by N/A is licensed under Unsplash

Society is currently living through what has become known as the “fourth industrial revolution”. This new digitally-based revolution is shaking up industries at unprecedented levels and it centers around one key theme: robotics. People are having misconception that these robots are taking away their employment.

RPA enables you create software assistants which would help automate your business processes with minimal efforts and investment. RPA enables you to create your own robots/bots in software to automate your business processes. Your robots/bots are configurable and set up to perform the tasks you assign and control. It is code-free, non-disruptive, and non-invasive.

There is a wave of robotics emerging across all sectors. Machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI) and automation are disrupting the status quo of global business practices and the inevitable question on everyone’s mind is, how long until humans become obsolete in today’s work environment?

Although when we hear ‘robot’, our minds tend to jump to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s deadly ‘Terminator’ from the classic 90’s films, a robot is a machine, programmed by a computer, which can carry out a series of actions it has been instructed to do, which encompasses software.

As new robots are introduced, it’s imperative that they are integrated with legacy systems and work in synchronization with the processes in place. As time goes by and machine learning and AI progresses, challenges may arise in assimilating various different robots – all with a certain level of self-sufficiency – and making sure there are no conflicts or overlapping in function. Finally, the robot should be introduced as a new team member, it’s been hired to take the workload off you and do the less exciting stuff. Its purpose, fundamentally, is to enrich work life whilst making the team as a whole more efficient.

IntelliBuddies® Buddies are Smart, Robust, Heritable, and Dependable to perform any task. They Work tirelessly, faster, efficiently, and error free 24/7. Buddy is a lightweight process and a fundamental component of IntelliBuddies®. Buddy is the framework that executes the processes designed as part of the Process Designer.

Benefits of Buddy:
  • They extract, transfer and load data to/from any heterogeneous data sources
  • They can process, extract, learn and apply OCR and ML technologies
  • Verbose Logging - Buddies report back their operations in detail
  • Light Weight - Buddies consume very less CPU and memory resources