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Will 2020 be a breakout year for scaling intelligent automation?

by: Michael Baxter   2019-09-09    Source:   Information Age

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Year 2020 is facing worst ever pandemic (COVID-19) outbreak and it has severely affected most of the global enterprise business houses. The major victims are micro, small, and medium enterprises. It has impacted Financial, Human Resources, Supply Chain disruption, decrease in demand, reduction in sales and profits, among others.

RPA can assist to ensure greater quality and compliance of data by removing the possibility of human error, therefore giving greater security to data and information. The key is to work in partnership with customers to examine which of their business processes can and should automate; which tasks if automated shall dramatically increase productivity, or free up staff for more important jobs. By adopting RPA, the business organizations can increase their productivity, better turn-around time & quality, with low investments

Will 2020 be a breakout year for scaling intelligent automation?

A new study suggests that the scaling of intelligent automation may be coming of age, so is robotics process automation (RPA) finally becoming mainstream ?

According to a study from Deloitte, 2019 saw a doubling in the number of companies applying intelligent automation — that’s technologies such as robotics process automation, natural language processing and AI — although there is a big overlap with these technologies. (How can you separate AI and natural language processing, how can you process language without AI?). The report also found that executives expect intelligent automation to increase workforce capacity by 30%. Delve deeper into the report, and it states that 2020 will a breakout year for intelligent automation. However, the report also found that a significant proportion of business leaders have not yet forecast the impact automation technologies will have on their employees. The scaling of intelligent automation seems to be inching its way to a fix.

Intelligent automation and jobs

Speak to those who work in areas such as robotics process automation and they say that automation won’t destroy jobs, rather it will make them more rewarding. For example, Guy Kirkwood, chief evangelist, at RPA company UiPath once told Information Age Age that “one of the big myths of automation is that it replaces jobs, it doesn’t. Most organizations go into automation because they want to reduce head count, that’s what they base their business case on and they are all wrong, that doesn’t happen.

Pioneering IntelliBuddies®

IntelliBuddies® helps you set up the system, identify simple but repeatable tasks, automate those tasks and then move on to complex ones. Be it with any industry vertical, any application, any platform (New age/Legacy platforms), wherever the data is (on-premises/cloud/Virtual Machines). It can overcome challenges facing by SMEs and MSMEs automating the repetitive and mundane tasks.

The Key Benefits of using IntelliBuddies are Multi Deployment, Global Management of resources, easy Creation of Buddies, seamless Scalability, robust Performance, and Intelligent automation.