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Pharmaceutical industry

By: 10/05/2021 Source: Intelli Buddies

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IntelliBuddies® and Pharmaceutical industry

RPA and Pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical industry is faced with challenges that include faster clinical development of drugs and vaccines, stay compliant with regulators and compelling customer engagement. Clinical development of drugs, vaccines involve various documentation in different stages from various departments as well as from field in case of clinical trials. Compliance report preparation requires gathering data from various sources, formats and location. This data gathering and assembling activity is tedious, time consuming and also error prone. Customer engagement is another area where Pharmaceutical industry faces challenges. In modern era, where customer awareness demands transparency in information, industry burdened to make sure that customer remains engaged with personalized information. Providing such information sans automation consumes precious human resources.

IntelliBuddies® in Action
  • Master clinical developments and compliance
    IntelliBuddies® contains many out-of-the-box connectors capable of connecting to various data sources including most popular databases, file servers and popular file types such as excel and csv. Using drag and drop enabled connectors, control flows and flowchart controls, one can easily build  processes that can gather data from different sources and assemble the reports. In a similar way flowcharts with approval mechanism, combined with out-of-the-box connectors, help processing of clinical development data at various stages with speed and accuracy.
  • Customer engagement
    Boom of internet has thrown open of wealth of information to all. Increased awareness in patients thrives them to get more information about prescribed medications. Buddies, powered by IntelliBuddies®, can be used seamlessly by Pharmaceutical Industry to give precise and personalized information that patients are seeking. This takes away burden on human resources, who then can be used for better purpose