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Benefits of RPA in streamlining Clinical Analytics in Healthcare

by:  11/09/2020   Source: PROLITUS

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Healthcare analytics and Big Data implementations have transformed the industry from old-school functional entities to care-coordinated collaborative units. Hospitals at different locations can now share medical records and diagnosis reports of patients across continents and work in sync to provide them the best collaborative healthcare.

Technologically-evolved RPA systems partnered with core emerging technologies can penetrate through data to underscore other segments of healthcare like insurance, admissions, post-op progress monitoring, real-time patient monitoring, pre-surgical predictive analysis, vitals analytics and predictions, and more.

Treatment and Care Leveraged through Key Analytics

  • Artificial Neural Networks, Heuristics, Vectors, Machine learning, and Data Science, are combined into RPA solutions that help analyse large volumes of data pertaining to a patient’s health history and map various parameters to results that represent treatment outcomes, future health complications, timely remedies, and the possibilities of a patient’s re-admission.
  • Pattern-recognition, barcode scanning, automated pricing, back-office process handling, customer and supplier management and a plethora of other processes have been streamlined by RPA in manufacturing without the need for human administration.
  • By mapping solutions to the practical value of these cutting-edge advancements in healthcare, the wealth of knowledge available in the healthcare domain helps discern the best course of action and reliable treatment for a patient. In-depth data mining of the relevant information by RPA - assisted programs is key to discovering and mapping ailments to solutions. Genetic engineering in the healthcare R&D realm has been optimized by RPA inclusion to discover newer aspects of health science.

Benefits of IntelliBuddies®

IntelliBuddies® is an AI infused Robotic Automation Platform which will help you to perform all repetitive mundane tasks. The Buddies (Software assistant) can process the variety of huge analytical data at high speed. The healthcare analytical data is comprised of multiple sources and departments. It includes data from clinical, financial, and operational insights.

IntellliBuddies™ can be trained to operate on all your existing applications. They can read, write, see, extract and load data, receive and respond to events, learn, think and provide data for your analytics. The Buddies are infused with Artificial Intelligence to perform pattern recognition, barcode reading to process effortlessly, effectively and efficiently without the need of human intervention.