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Email Categorization: How RPA can help in the day to day healthcare operations

by:   11/06/2020   Source: HIPAA HQ

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At present, email is one of the primary communication tools for industrial organizations and government agencies. The email system is popular, powerful, and efficient but has some shortcomings, as it contains unstructured data and spam emails. Staff in hospitals, doctors' offices and in other medical institutions deal with sensitive information about their patients’ every day. Information related to health is regarded as particularly sensitive and in need of protection.

RPA can help in assisting in handling large scale of emails that healthcare organizations sends to their patients. Compared with traditional IT solutions, RPA enables organizations to automate processes at a fraction of the cost and time previously required.

There are two main types of high volume, large scale email that healthcare organizations send to their patients. The first are marketing messages, which are emails sent solely for marketing purposes. These can include offers and discounts, information about new services, and other messages that attempt to gain more business from the patient.

Marketing emails may or may not need to be HIPAA compliant, depending on the context and content.

Transactional emails involve messages that help customers or give them information that they need or have requested. Transactional emails are generally unique to the recipient and generated on demand by some “transaction” request or process. This differs from typical marketing messages that are often very similar messages sent en mass to a collection of addresses.

Types of Transactional Email: Transactional emails have a purpose other than just straight marketing. They generally give the customer information that they need or help them with a certain activity. Some of the most common types of transactional emails include:

  • Welcome emails
  • Notifications or social media update
  • Payment receipts
  • Auto- responders
  • Password reset emails

In the medical context, transactional messages can also be used for:

  • Test results
  • Appointment reminders
  • Medication reminders

HIPAA-Compliant Bulk Email for Transactional or Marketing Purposes

Such simple mistakes show just how easy it is for organizations to slip up and accidentally violate HIPAA regulations. Given that mistakes are a part of life, and that these particular mistakes can be incredibly costly and difficult to fix, healthcare organizations should send all marketing and transactional emails in a HIPAA-compliant manner.

intelliBuddies® is here to help.

Intelligent automation can make robots sense, synthesize vast amount of information, automate entire process or workflows, learn and adapt on the go. IntelliBuddies can help in categorizing the emails based on their message body, sender, or receiver data by processing them using the Machine Learning algorithm capabilities as it comes bundled with essential tools and technologies for the automation and to manage operations. It can analyse the text, read, interpret, and categorize them to the desired output.

Source: HIPAA HQ