Focus on Healthcare Automation with Patient Engagement

The current state of healthcare sector is changing rapidly, and many organizations are struggling to stay float during this pandemic. Even before the outbreak of COVID-19 and its worldwide impact on healthcare system, hospitals, and other medical facilities struggled to meet the growing needs of today’s patients. Staffing shortages, data security risks, and increasing costs are only a few of the major issues plaguing medical care facilities today, and these problems are only expected to worsen over time.

To help you overcome these challenges, an RPA platform coupled with AI & ML cognitive technology has arrived! 

Patient engagement, empowerment and experience are becoming key imperatives of modern healthcare delivery. And healthcare provider organizations are reaching out to patients in many and varied ways to get them in line with their care teams to enable the best possible patient outcomes.

A variety of hospitals and health systems deploying innovative strategies and technologies in the field of patient engagement. And their efforts are achieving positive results.

Below are excellent examples of what healthcare provider organizations can achieve in the realm of patient engagement

  • Price transparency: Patient experience that needs improving is price transparency before patients schedule healthcare services.
  • Price calculator Estimates accurate to within 5%: The price calculator technology so far has replaced the manual process of creating price estimates with a digital solution, transitioning staff hours from performing out-of-pocket calculations to assisting patients in understanding their out-of-pocket costs and scheduling the patient for their needed healthcare services.
  • Patients’ billing preferences: The billing processes in patient engagement were not attuned to the economic realities many of its patients face when managing the rising cost of care. They lacked granular insights into how our patients prefer to manage their billing obligations and options that meet their financing needs.
  • Quality and personalization: To make that possible, a health system needs tools to better understand where patients are in their lives and empower them to make the right financial decisions for themselves and loved ones.
  • Reducing the no-show rate: One of the primary challenges faced in the clinic division was addressing a no-show rate of 8% across all outpatient services
  • Hooking up with the EHR: A communication platform that would consist of both automated phone and text reminders using a bi-directional interface with the electronic health record.

IntelliBuddies® helps achieve Price transparency, Price accuracy and more by integrating with disparate systems to extract data and by relieving Healthcare personnel from repetitive tasks, so they can apply their skills to the tasks where the human touch is essential. On IntelliBuddies® platform, a patient inputs a few pieces of demographic data, the procedure code and their insurance policy number, and an accurate estimate of their out-of-pocket cost is generated in under a minute. IntelliBuddies® intelligent automation platform enables the Healthcare industry to automate repetitive tasks and thereby reducing time, cost and human errors while increasing performance, efficiency, and throughput.

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