How Healthcare is getting healed from RPA

As one of the most demanding and regulated industries, Healthcare providers are faced with a growing number of administrative challenges that continue to drive down operational efficiency and patient experience. When Healthcare providers have to deal with organizational challenges like patient data management, insurance and billing paperwork, electronic health records systems, legacy systems, and more, it leads to the increase of monotonous tasks that doctors, nurses, clinicians, and admin staff have to spend time on in order to provide the care a patient needs. 

RPA can assist to ensure greater quality and compliance of data by removing the possibilities of human errors, therefore giving greater security to data and information. The need for an intelligent automation system in Healthcare sector is more pronounced than ever.

Some of the most common challenges crippling the healthcare providers include:

  • Continuous digitization of patient records
  • Lack of integration and support for multiple EMR (Electronic Medical Records) systems
  • Data regulation & compliance
  • Budgetary pressures
  • Lack of admin and IT personnel
  • Clinical staff need to reduce patient care time for a growing EMR data entry and update tasks.

As most business leaders across all industries start to take digital transformation as their #1 priority, healthcare organizations are facing an increased pressure to speed up the adoption of emerging technologies that will help overcome traditional administrative challenges and enable them to put patient care above the common operational hassles of managing back-office processes that are heavily manual and time-consuming.

IntelliBuddies® role in Healthcare
An Intelligent automation platform enables the Healthcare industry to automate repetitive tasks and thereby reducing time, cost and human errors while increasing performance, efficiency, and throughput. Further, it can work with existing infrastructure, seamlessly bring data from legacy systems and provide you better analytics.

IntelliBuddies® integrates disparate systems by extracting data and relieving Healthcare personnel from repetitive tasks so they can apply their skills to the tasks where the human touch is essential.
IntelliBuddies® can help the Healthcare industry to achieve the following benefits:

  • Boost productivity
  • Increase Employee satisfaction
  • Improve Customer satisfaction by bringing in Personalized user experience
  • Reduce operation risks
  • Increase efficiency and correctnes
  • Help your organization grow by handing repetitive, manual workloads over to buddies

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