How RPA is transforming Healthcare with EMR Updates

Automation is crucial for healthcare industry. Process Automation has evolved from performing repetitive business processes to completing end-to-end tasks which helps in productivity gains, compliance, reducing errors in complex health IT environments.

In Healthcare, RPA can assist to automate various processes across business functions, and help hospital staff to process information faster with minimal errors, and let hospital staff get back to patient care.

The global healthcare IT market, valued at $187 billion in 2019, is predicted to grow more than 15.6% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) between 2020 and 2026, reaching $535.6 billion in 2026. Driving this growth is the increasing adoption of artificial intelligence (AI), a push to leverage Electronic Health Records (EHS), growing government regulatory mandates, and the urgent need to cut costs.

Some of the benefits that IntelliBuddies® provides in EMR automation include:

  • Integration of information from patient portals, wearables and health apps with EMR (Electronic Medical Records) to accelerate patient care & experience.
  • Data gathered from EHRs, warehouses, and other systems to gain insights for providers to diagnosis best practice for patient care
  • Boost Operational Efficiency: Clinical staff no longer have to spend hours of manual labour to enter data and operate various electronic medical and healthcare records systems
  • Better Health IT interoperability: Decrease manual labour required to perform daily batch process extractions from EMR system in multiple data formats.
  • Determine patient eligibility by expediting insurance approvals.
  • Expedite patient registration, admission, discharges as missing information found in other systems.

IntelliBuddies® is an RPA platform which helps in performing tedious, manual repetitive tasks and let human workforce do more value-added work in data interpretation & showcasing patient care.  IntelliBuddies® integrates with all new age or legacy platforms in healthcare IT ecosystem, providing organizations the ability to automate processes in EHR/EMR systems. 

By adopting IntelliBuddies® Robotic Process Automation, healthcare institutions can gain significant operational efficiency and are able to prioritize judgment based decisions.

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