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Airline Crew Management

by:    11/08/2021    Source: Intelli Buddies

Airline Crew Management

IntelliBuddies®and Airline Crew Management

Airline Crew Management

After fuel, airline crew related costs form major operating expenses for airlines[1]. Even small misalignment in crew scheduling can cost airline significant financial losses. Airlines have to follow many rules from various organisations such as FAA and other labour unions. This makes crew scheduling challenging and computation intensive. Crew scheduling has two challenges – crew pairing and crew assignment. Crew pairing aims to use crew efficiently to cover monthly plan with minimum crew members. Crew scheduling includes rostering of crew, which involves assigning crew members to pairing. All in all, crew management is a complex process that needs to meet requirements of contractual conditions, aviation legislations, and crew expectations.

IntelliBuddies® in Action

  • Automated Crew Pairing
    Attended Buddy in IntelliBuddies® collects flight and airport information for the purpose of crew pairing. IntelliBuddies® out-of-the-box connectors, allows Buddy to connect to crew data source and crew policy data source. Buddy creates set of pairings for a month that is operated by minimum number of crew resources adhering to all applicable rules.
  • Automated Crew Rostering
    During rostering or scheduling, Unattended Buddies look out for monthly pairing plans. Using IntelliBuddies® out-of-the-box connectors, it connects to crew data source and finds actual crew members that can be assigned to parings. While selecting crew members for pairing, Unattended Buddy considers factors such as crew qualification, vacation days, expiry of various certificates and licenses held by crew members.

IntelliBuddies® powered by its Buddies and infused AI, ML, streamlines one of the most complex and computational intensive problem of crew pairing and crew rostering in airline industry.