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Fleet Management Automation

by: 08/10/2021 Source: Intelli Buddies

Fleet Management Automation

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IntelliBuddies® and Fleet Management Automation

Fleet Management System

Many automobile companies extend employee benefits by providing them with fully maintained company vehicles. Employees’ entitlement for number of vehicles and their types often depends on factors such as position and service years. Enabling this benefit poses a challenge to companies as many complex processes such as Upgrade Request Handling, Vehicle Allotment, Pre-booking, Vehicle Acceptance & Grounding, Fine & Ticket Management, Vehicle Maintenance, Incident Reporting needs to be implemented. Fleet Management thus become not only time consuming but also cumbersome, impacting overall employee experience.

IntelliBuddies® in Action
  • Upgrade Calculations
  • HR defines policies pertaining to vehicle benefits based on employees’ position and service years. Using out-of-the-box connectors in IntelliBuddies® platform, Unattended Buddies fetch policies applicable for an employee from HR data source, current vehicle price, and number of vehicles from the corporate ERP. This information is used to calculate applicable monthly fees to be paid by the employee. Once employee authorizes upgrade fee deduction, Buddies then notify fleet controller for further processing of allotment.

  • Parking and Traffic Fine Management
  • For allotted company owned vehicles, parking and traffic related fines are received directly by the company. These fines have to be recovered from employees – custodians of vehicles. It’s an uphill task to process each of these tickets and recover fines. IntelliBuddies® provides special IntelliTrainer that is used for automated document discovery. IntelliTrainer use OCR to extract the ticket details and figure out beneficiaries of respective vehicles based on vehicle number and fine dates. Equipped with vehicle custodian details, Buddies initiate the recovery process by sending an alert to the custodians with ticket details and marks Finance for audit.

  • Incident Reporting
  • Incident reports are received by Buddies, including images of damage to vehicles. Buddies assess the damage by scanning the images. Using IntelliBuddies® powerful AI, Buddies provides the auto generated damage reports to fleet controller for expediating the repair process. Buddies also suggest temporary replacement vehicle for allocation till damage gets repaired.

  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Unattended Buddies periodically crawls through all the vehicles under company fleet and verify the maintenance records. It sends out alerts to custodians whose vehicles are due for maintenance.

IntelliBuddies® powered by its Buddies and infused AI, ML, automates various manual and repetitive tasks involved in Fleet Management, thus making employee benefit experience far better.

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