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Sales Predictions

by:    11/08/2021    Source: IntelliBuddies

Sales Predictions
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IntelliBuddies® and Sales Predictions

Sales Predictions

Sales prediction is an important part of modern business intelligence. Most of the business organizations heavily depend on knowledge base and demand prediction of sales trends. Accuracy of sales prediction depends on successfully connecting to various departments, their data sources and external resources to get relevant data. Processing such data is an herculean task, when done manually or by using traditional tools such as spreadsheets for analysis.

IntelliBuddies® in Action
  • Automated Intelligent predictions

    IntelliBuddies® contains many out-of-the-box connectors capable of connecting to various data sources including most popular databases, popular file types such as Excel and external resources like world wide web (WWW). Buddies, when programmed, connects to data silos in an organization and collects data including the sales history, parts inventory, dealerships, CRM along with other exogenous data such as crude oil price variations, employment and unemployment data, competitor intelligence data corresponding to the selected sales segment and for selected geographical locations. AI infused IntelliBuddies® , based on ML model, can predict sales with mean average precision of 80 to 90%.

IntelliBuddies® powered by its Buddies and infused AI, ML, makes fairly accurate prediction about sales. This helps businesses to make many informed decisions including investments, expansion and more.

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