RPA in Healthcare:The Key to Scaling Operational Efficiency

In healthcare, efficiency in operations & administration is one of the major concern areas for the management. This involves multiple departments across multiple activities, and involvement of clinical staff at different stages. This work often commands efficient use of insufficient resources to perform all regular activities. 

Don’t panic!! We are here to help you with the RPA technology. RPA is a transformational technology that lets your healthcare enterprise automate processes across the business areas. It facilitates humans to perform the complex tasks with simple automation processes with better turnaround time, quality, and cost – which is the biggest benefit.

Robotics Process Automation (RPA) can take on many of the mundane tasks that clutter up your Healthcare system like - Managing inventory, Regulatory Compliance (HIPAA & GDPR), Entering repetitive data, Digitizing patient files, Scheduling appointments, and Billing patients and processing claims. So if you’re looking for something to cure your Healthcare administrative headaches, RPA might just be the remedy.

Our Buddies can help you automate the following processes under Healthcare:

  • Enrollment – Pre-registration form processing
  • Inventory Management – Automated critical inventory transactional processes
  • Document Verification – Automated complex document verification process
  • Medical Records Management – Automated medical examination records sign off process
  • Appointment – Manage and Schedule appointments for patients with Physicians
  • Documentation – Automate clinical documentation and discharge summary
  • Account Settlement – Automate bill preparation and send notifications

Scope of RPA in Healthcare
Studies estimate that healthcare industry collectively spends a stunning $2.1 billion each year on poorly performed and error-prone manual tasks around provider data management alone! Likewise, insurance companies spend somewhere between $6 million to $24 million annually to rectify poor provider data quality.

Robotic process automation, or RPA, can virtually automate any repetitive and manual task, critical to the functioning and processing of healthcare. It can encourage a new workforce because of empowerment in terms of intelligent tools extracting relevant information from several sources, partner ecosystems, EHRs, finance systems, payer portal systems, and accounting systems.

RPA can help the healthcare industry reduce costs, limit the occurrence of errors, and improve operational efficiency. In this article, we will discuss the scope, uses cases, and benefits of smart automation in healthcare.

Personalized User Experience:

  • Today, every individual wants personalized services, quick responses, and a seamless experience. When things are not right, these individuals want to connect with a real person to solve the issues. This is often a difficult task because there are so many backlogs which don’t allow human representatives to reach out to the patient immediately.

Employee Satisfaction:

  • It is commonly believed that robots will eliminate real-world jobs. In reality, however, robots enhance human capabilities. Execution of repetitive, boring tasks only decreases the performance of human employees. When this task is taken over by a bot or RPA in healthcare, it becomes easier for human professionals to get involved in strategic, intelligence-based roles. This will also help human professionals in terms of career growth and consistent learning.

Reduced Errors:

  • According to the Institute for Robotic Process Automation & AI, human professionals are more inclined to make at least 10 errors per 100 steps. This is because humans don’t want to execute repetitive tasks, as, over time, it gets boring. But RPA bots don’t get bored. They don’t judge the situation, and hence, are not affected by emotions. Therefore, bots can eliminate errors and improve efficiency because they are programmed to follow a particular action in a specific manner. 
Benefits of IntelliBuddies®
IntelliBuddies® is an intelligent Automation platform which helps your personnel to perform all repetitive, mundane tasks. It has the necessary built-in tools and technology to automate both your front and back-office operations like, Enrolment, Inventory Management, Document Verification, Medical Records Management, Appointment, Documentation, and Account Settlement. It can help the Healthcare industry reduce costs, limit the occurrence of errors, and improve operational efficiency.
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